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  • Chatham House 1: Dianne Villeneuve

    The Chatham House articles discuss people that may be inserted into campaigns as ready made NPCs to add flavor or detail to your world. The character’s discussed in the Chatham House often have ties to various organizations, Baronies, Corporations, Governments, but operate outside the normal protocols.

    We begin the Chatham House articles with socialite Dianne Villeneuve. Known for flamboyant parties and reveling in the nightlife Dia is a well known party girl. While not connected to her family business it is unlikely Dia will ever have to worry about money. Villeneuve Phrama Distributed or VPD was founded during the height of the Great War in Europe. Solely focused on medical distribution of medical supplies to war zones Dia’s great grandfather exploited the political unease to build an empire.

    These days Dia is far removed from the family business or at least this is how it appears on the surface. Dia lost her taste for club life years ago but found that a certain element was very interested in the trade routes and shipping methods used by VPD. Something Dia has been able to leverage into a more than profitable black book smuggling operation.

    About the only thing off limits for Dia and VPD are slaves. At the same time she specializes in smuggling people across hardened boarders. As a kind of corporate coyote migrants with the money can trust Dia’s services and her enforces to be on the level. Although, safer in that regard, one would be hard pressed to call her work humanitarian. Her fees can be crippling depending on the extraction locations but her methods are effective and she is an expert creating new identities for migrants.

    Story Seeds:
    Characters can easily find themselves on either side of Dia and VPD’s operations or even in need of their services. If characters ever attract too much heat from a Barony, corporation, or government Dia can be there to help them disappear, if the price is right.