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  • Lucid Tales – Our First Kiss

    She moved like heroin through a junkie’s veins. Never rushing, there was no point. Her prey always came to her. In the two AM light she was just another girl walking the street. No girlfriend experience just heat and sweat and bliss. That’s what everything she wore told you, from the black latex that sculpted her legs like swords to the thick leather belt straps that pretended to be a shirt. Black cherry stained her lips and eyes. Always moving; slow strides, a predator waiting for the right moment.

    If she saw me she didn’t say a word. We have a way of playing coy with one another, professional courtesy maybe. The other girls on the streets didn’t seem to notice when the neon from the bar across the street actually bothered to work. Maybe they didn’t care that every time the purple green rose sparked to life part of her seemed to snap out of focus, slipping back out of the shadows.
    Two AM and the heat still rolled up from the asphalt in waves of rubber and tar. I thought about lighting my cigarette but what was the point? My job was simply to stay still and pretend I was just another spectator.

    A low growl eases around the block. Headlights cast a robotic smile from behind a ram prow. The other girls scatter. They were too far from the red light district to pretend they were just walking home. Not her. Eyes stare into mirrored window of the police vehicle challenging them. I can feel her tell them to drive on without uttering a word. The light strip on the roof goes red yellow and back off. She watches expectantly. The police click their siren once and move along.

    The whir of the siren kicks off again as the turn the corner as if to say, we showed them. She hadn’t broken her stride as she paced the block. Looking at the concrete below me I force down a smile.

    Once I was naive enough to think cops took the job because they wanted to do the right thing. I was six. Now I wonder how many on the force weren’t just bullies that grew up or cowards waiting to prove how tough they are with their toys. Maybe I shouldn’t think that. It’s the kind of thought that if overheard meant you were never going to make it home. The kind of thought you’re never supposed to think even though you no longer bothered to play with those old toys.

    Another set of headlights, softer this time, radiating waves of guilt and fear. Inside the car was a tired looking man. Grey hair draped over his face in shame. The exchange was quick. She slipped into the car with hardly a word spoken. Timidly the vehicle lurched forward and into an awaiting alleyway. The engine idles with a purr.

    Dark shapes move inside the cab of the vehicle. She’s judging him. This was our third week together. She had to know I was judging her in the same way. Rummaging my pockets there’s a half used book of matches. Jáubā Lilly, I can’t help but look to the bar at the end of the street, absently tapping the matches against my hand.

    From below the yellow haze I watch as she mounts him. Bodies move awkwardly as they search for their rhythm. Arms slide around his neck as she leans in. Maybe it was a sense of tradition. Wincing I strained to see past the shadows. Lips graze his cheek as her head dips to just above her arms.

    A deep inhalation turns my cigarette into a vermillion flare. I was never good at following orders. We’re separated by half a block and a two lane street. My mind filled with a single message, let this one go. Under the shadows of towering buildings and the grey of the city night the spark seemed to catch in her eyes as they locked on to me, burning orange.

    Let this one go. You know who I am, what I am. Tonight you can be discerning, you know the ones, bastards, the beaters and abusers. There’s no point for this one. I had felt her message to the cops. No reason to expect she couldn’t hear me now. The question remained though, was she listening?

    He’s finished before my cigarette. All the while her eyes remained fixated on me. I don’t know if she could hear me but that was good enough. Out of the car, she hadn’t finished adjusting the vinyl thong that masqueraded as pants before it was out of the alleyway racing off at a speed I didn’t think it was capable of. Dropping the remainder of the cigarette my foot pivoted snuffing out the trail of smoke. She was moving towards me.

    It could have been that I was bad at following orders or maybe it was just time we met. Either way she was coming for me now.

  • Adventure Seed 6: Succession!

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.



    Setting Up

    This Seed requires the Characters to be in an ethnic or religious ghetto. This may be where the Characters live or they may simply be traveling through the district. Here are some ready made micro-religions that may spring up around the Characters:

    Divine Informationalists

    There is no greater freedom than what can be found in one’s mind. While naysayers claim that their church was founded around protecting information pirates as clergy with religious immunity the Informationalists argue that the world has forgotten how to learn and to think and without free information the mind can never be free.

    Observers of the Dead Cow

    To covet the flesh is to sin.
    To consume eat of the flesh is to sin.
    To find purity one must purge these carnal thoughts.
    The Observers of the Dead Cow have elevated intercourse as the highest sin linking it to the root of all other sins. To purge themselves of all carnal desires they are also sworn to pure vegan diets. Observers routinely protest butchers and supermarkets. More extreme members scrub their bodies nightly with pumice stones wearing white robes to show their dedication to the purging of the flesh.

    Primitive Reclaimers

    When the Church fell in 2136 AD there were many hard line members that refused to accept reconstruction and the Redeemers. The Primitive Reclaimers see themselves as descended from these hardliners. The only difference the Primitive Reclaimers see virtually all technology as a sin and want to see it all destroyed or Purged to make way for a pure worship. Of course they are not above using things such as computer viruses to shut down negative websites or firearms to get their message across.

    Any of these micro-religions can be used with the trigger of loosing their religious status to spark their reaction.


    Lock Down

    Extremest members of a religious or ethic faction have occupied a nine block area claiming it sovereign territory. Streets have been blocked and are guarded by armed extremists.

    Of course the Player Characters are trapped within this burgeoning nation. The faction will lock down the streets on the boarders first along with the center block where they are operating from. The foot soldiers in this siege use the values listed for Mercs operating in three man teams. During the initial siege there are three groups at each intersection before fanning out leaving a single team to hold the barricades.


    There is no way the siege is gong to last. the police are coming, in force. When this happens no one on the street is safe. The riot squads will march through the district using teargas and combat shotguns to eliminate any possible threats.

    Replace the Police Officer’s normal gear with Riot Gear, 1D6 Teargas Grenades and TKX Riot Stoppers using Sabots. There are at least 10 Police Officers for every entrance to the district.


    The timing of these events are up to the GM. Depending on the Characters some possible Complications include (Use only the Complications that are fitting for your Campaign.):
    Save The innocent: This is a poorer district and there are a lot of people from street vendors to transients who are now trapped.
    Stop it Before It Starts: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this is going to end. The Characters may try and take the “Action Boy” approach of doing the cops job for them and taking out the extremists first or even negotiating a stand down with the Succession’s leadership.
    My Beautiful Home: The Secessionists have planted bombs around the district. As they are being overwhelmed they will detonate these explosives as a distraction for the leadership to escape. This includes whatever building the the Characters are hiding in or are by.

    Note: There are no Supernatural elements to this Adventure Seed. This is just life in the big city.