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  • The Unconventional Combatant Part 4: The Delusional Rocker

    Enough trudging though dark alleys. Time to stand in the light, the limelight. The divide between rich and poor is vast and the methods of overcoming that gap seem to be evaporating daily. While the have nots may lack basic educations and health services something they will always have access to is entertainment and music still remains a powerful source of inspiration for millions.

    With the constant bombardment of media musicians rise and fall in the blinking of an eye. However, no matter where they are in their career there is always a place for them. Most musicians though are just like everyone else, struggling to get by, playing bars and nightclubs that cater to their subgenre of music. Here is where we find our Rocker.

    As entertainers there are some essential Characteristics that allow them to perform: Perception, Area Knowledge: Their Music Scene, Street Smarts, Distraction, Maintenance: Musical Equipment, Fashion, Wit: Stage Performance, Area of Influence, First Impressions and most importantly Art: Singing or Instrument of Choice. Depending on the style of the musician and their personality other Characteristics a Rocker might want include: Contact: Their Agent, Battery, Drug Resistance, and Disguise.

    These core skills give the Rocker what they need for a unique look and the training or talent to perform but also the knowledge of where to perform and at least some recognition for their talents. Like other Unconventional Combatants these skills don’t lend themselves to dealing with the harshness of the Unseen World that a Lucid must survive in. Our Rocker is driven though seeking to perfect their craft and put on the best show. For those reasons we select the Slumber as their Realm. We begin the Rocker’s Lucid Boons in a rather self centered fashion picking up the Specialty: Audience Moods for Perception and adding the following Boons:

    Slumbering Fortitude – Slumber
    The character taps into the Slumber, supernaturally enhancing their constitution.

    Inner Force – Slumber
    The Slumbering Lucid is capable of pushing on beyond exhaustion. When using this boon, the character’s body glows with the forces of the Slumber.

    Slumbering Awareness – Slumber
    The character taps into the Slumber, drawing out supernatural senses.

    Dreams Made Real: Audience Moods – Sluber
    Focusing their mind, the Slumbering Lucid is able to exceed the limits of the waking world.

    Fantastic: Audience Moods – Slumber
    With the will and vision of the Slumbering world, the character transcends the limits of the flesh.

    These Boons allow the Rocker to keep going and push themselves harder in a concert, give them a better ear for music and gauge audience reactions so that they may adjust quickly. This also opens up several other Boon choices for the Rocker. Obsessed with their music why not let them see the sounds?

    Stacked Senses – Slumber
    Some Slumbering Lucids exhibit the ability to overlay their senses, seeing something they smell or hear, tasting something they can see.

    Yes while there are any number of uses for Stacked Senses for the Rocker it is the ultimate sensory trip as they perform. We follow that up with the following:

    Recreate Experience – Slumber
    With little effort, the character may recreate the sight, smell, taste, sound, or sensation of something they have experienced, sharing it with others.

    Fundamental to music is storytelling and the Rocker can now recreate their experiences for others. But why stop at just their own experiences?

    Dream Reader – Slumber
    Dipping into the minds of others, the Slumbering Lucid can pluck dreams from their subconscious.
    The character may experience a subject’s dream by touching them.

    What does this mean for our sensation junkie? So far their abilities have been solely focused on a personal level? Why not share their experiences with the world? Isn’t that the point of it all?

    Craft Image – Slumber
    The Slumbering Lucid is able to create a static illusion.

    Animate Image – Slumber
    The Lucid’s illusions incorporate all of the senses and now move according to their master’s will.

    Living Image – Slumber
    From dream to reality, illusions crafted by the Slumbering Lucid are capable of convincing even the most stoic of skeptics. These images are so convincing that those interacting with it may damage their psyches.

    These final three Boons allow the Rocker to share their visions with the world, for better or worse. This might mean the greatest stage show of their lives or an illusory grenade while running from the Keepers.

    To increase the Rockers physical abilities consider adding Slumbering Might and Slumbering Speed. Why can’t our Delusional Rock Star see themselves as an embodiment of physical perfection?

    Out next Unconventional Combatant examines one of the last people a PC wants to see: The Doctor.