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  • The Unconventional Combatant Part 3: The Occultist

    While the Horror Show Blogger wanted to expose the supernatural terrors of the hidden places. The Occultist seeks understanding. There are any number of reasons to seek hidden mysteries from simple curiosity to personal power or searching for some cure science has yet to offer.  To prevent limiting any moral judgement this week’s Unconventional Combatant is an Occultist of natural talent, born with a link to the Supernatural it was only a natural progression until they dove too deeply drifting into the Lucid Realms.

    Perhaps a Traveler or born from a supposed line of witches there are several Supernatural Boons the Occultist may have tapped into before their Elucidation. For our Occultist lets begin with a classic Supernatural Trait and it’s corresponding Boons:

    Reading – Supernatural
    Through various methods of divination, the character is able to gain insight into the futures of others. When selecting this trait, the player should select the character’s form of Reading, such as Astrology, Tarot Cards, Runes, or Tea Leaves. The character must study the subject to reveals elements of the subject’s future, such as Windfall, Loss, Journey, or Danger.

    Bane – Supernatural
    Looking into the subject’s future, the fortune reader may implant a Bane.
    Using Bane: The character chooses 1 element of the subject’s future when they perform a Reading. When the subject encounters this element, the GM may use the character’s Reading trait as a penalty.

    Blessing – Supernatural
    Looking into the subject’s future, the fortune reader may implant a Blessing.
    Using Blessing: The character chooses 1 element of the subject’s future when they perform a Reading. When the subject encounters this element, the GM may use the character’s Reading trait as a free supporting characteristic once during the event.

    For our Occultist fortune telling was just a gateway drug. Working to understand the mysteries they were born into there are several skills that fit the concept: Astrology, Religion, Spectrology, Astronomy, Distraction, Sleight of Hand and of course Occult. Due to their trove of Mystic Skills one Boon stands out as a natural addition.

    Fearless – Mundane
    Having looked into the mysteries others choose to forget your character has hardened themselves from more mundane threats. The character is not easily shaken or cowed.
    Using Fearless: The character gains a bonus equal to the number of Mystical Skills and Specialties they possess to Resist Intimidation or negate penalties from Fear such as from Black Aura. When suffering from Fear this Boon can only offset penalties.

    The question that remains is how did the Occultist evolve from being a natural psychic or mystic to having a link to the Lucid Realms. Each of the Four Outer Realms have Gateways that seem fitting for the concept and Boons that would work well for an Occultist. However, let us say they pushed too far into the unknown and were caught barely surviving.Yes, our Occultist is bound to the Grave. As an inquisitive sort we add the Skill Necrology to their Skill selection to help them understand what has become of them along with the ESP Trait. This opens up several interesting possibilities for our Occultist. Possible Boons include:

    Grasp of the Supernatural – Supernatural
    By exerting their will, the character can manipulate small objects at range without great effort.

    Blind Sight – Dark, Grave
    Many cultures have legends of sight without sight, and the blind who walk unaided. To some Lucid, these are not legend but fact.

    Ghost Sight – Dark, Grave
    Similar to Aura Sight, there are those who are naturally receptive to the spirit world. The character is able to see into the overlapping places of the Earth.

    Clairvoyance – Grave, Slumber
    By touching an object or person, the clairvoyant may feel the resonance and sometimes the history of the subject.

    These three Boons expand on the original fortune teller/mystic ideal adding some classic abilities to their repertoire. However, an Occultist is one that unearths hidden knowledge it’s time for that understanding to take shape.

    Pull of the Grave – Grave
    The forces of the Grave draw all things to it, and the Grave Lucid has learned to control and manipulate these needy energies.

    Mark of Thanatos – Dark, Grave
    Power corrupts, and the powers of death are no exception. The character’s dark art has become part of their very essence. When the Lucid chooses, they can create a powerful field of necrotic energy around them.

    Visions of the End – Grave
    Death courts the Grave Lucid’s every action. When called upon, the character may curse a victim with a vision of their death. Only the victim knows what their end will be, and this fades after a few moments. However, they will be plagued by nightmares for years to come, as fragments of the memory tease them with dark knowledge.

    With the addition of these Boons the Occultist is able to bring even the hardest men to their knees and drain away the very life energies of those around them.

    To increase the Occultist’s ability to manipulate life energies the Boons Leech, Pain Leech, Wound Eater and Feasting of Life grant the Occultist bonuses as others around them suffer. Other Boon choices may include Passive Reader, and Lingering thought adding a telepathic dimension to their Lucid powers.

    Next Unconventional Combatant we get in the pit and jam with the Delusional Rocker.