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  • Land of Confusion 5: Exiles

    Tonight on ID we explore the culture of exiles. The disfranchisement that have opted to walk out on the world and hope for a batter tomorrow. Three cultures, each with very different answers to a society to busy to care. Outside the city we have the Beachers, below the Morlocks, and in the heart of Tiergarten the Church of Divine Sanity.

    I’m your host Lucius Abercrombie, our guests tonight include TKU Deviant Psychology Professor Garrison Frock-LaCroix, and Pamela St.Jude speaker for the New National Party, and this is Info/Data. Alright, lets jump right in shall we, Pamela, I see you already have a question.

    PStC: No I do not have a question, Lucius. I have a statement. I don’t see how you can include savages like the Beachers in a discussion on separatist societies. They are parasites, almost more so than Morlocks who at least have the decency to stay in the sewers where they belong.

    GFL: The Beachers are just another symptom of a society that can no longer coddle all it’s citizens. They choose to live in the Wastes, there is hardly a way to separate one further from society.

    PStC: How convenient for a professor from the Arcology to talk about what it means to separate from society. How many security screenings will you have to go through before they let you back into your gilded palace?

    GFL: Well Pamela, if you must know three, but I live in the Mission District not the Arcology. As I understand it though while you claim residence in Little Dubai, the NNP keeps several posh homes on the TK side of the wall for their speaker and high ranking members. However, to stay on topic, while you call Beachers parasites the Waste Gangs have never attacked the city, only peoples inside what they consider their territory.

    LA: Lets explore the idea of separatists as parasites. Lets talk about the Morlocks.

    GFL: While I understand the city’s news organizations have dubbed them Morlocks, they actually use terms such as Sewer Breed to describe themselves.

    LA: Why the disconnect do you think?

    GFL: Interesting question. Sewer Breed implies they were raised in and by the sewers. That it might be a sustainable environment. Where as the term Morlock evokes ideas of deformed and depraved peoples no longer fit for society. While it might be a way to marginalize a people or culture, I really suspect that the term Morlock took off simply because it sells better with the average person.

    PStC: And are you going to tell us that these Sewer Bread people are some underground nobility and not bottom feeders?

    GFL: Hardly. By their own admission we have multiple accounts of the Sewer Breed taping power and water. Generally connectivity isn’t an issue due to the municipal network but power for electronic devices are another story. There has been a fair amount of speculation that a number of Sewer Breed are actually employed by city infrastructure.

    PStC: The Morlocks are a filthy people. I don’t understand how any one of them could work a legitimate job.

    GFL: Don’t you think we would have more reported colonies if the trench workers weren’t at least sympathetic?

    LA: Sympathetic to a cause does not make you part of it.

    PStC: Thank you Lucius. The NNP has advocated for stricter monitoring standards of all government employees. It’s the weak minded left that allows for this kind of corruption.

    GFL: I’m not here to talk politics or policies. Lets try to stay focused on the subject.

    PStC: This is the subject. If we had stronger state controls these fringe groups would not be an issue. We should have police swarming the sewers, burn the infection out.

    GFL: Then why has the NNP brought three bills to the floor in the last session to strip funding for public services.

    PStC: Those bills reduce the tax burden and do not target personal levels within police and fire.

    LA: What about the separatist movement that tries to have it both ways, the Church of Divine Sanity?

    PStC: You can’t be serious. Divine Sanity is just a collection of xenophobic egg heads looking for tax breaks.

    GFL: The church was founded just over three years ago and has seen it’s following grow consistently each year. Formed after the Bison Fever epidermic, I think there is a large xenophobic aspect to the movement. I think the disconnect comes between the rheteric, which is fairly stock Islomo-Christian, and practice which enforces full bio-hazard precautions for members.

    PStC: Islomo-Christian? How can you compare this collection of paranoids to actual religions?

    GFL: Simple, I took the time to sit in on one of their services before tonight’s show.

    LA: They allowed this?

    GFL: To the extent they allow any outsider. They maintain a media center which broadcasts their services outside the church.

    LA: Interesting stuff. More ID after the break.

  • Adventure Seed 1: Keeping An Eye On You

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.


    Keeping An Eye On You


    Setting Up:

    This seed can be planted after any event in which one or more of the Characters uses a Supernatural ability. This can be virtually anything and in an ongoing campaign could easily serve as an end cap to another adventure.
    As an introductory seed we provide the following Trigger Event:


    While out the Characters find themselves caught in a clash between the Red and Black and the IO360 two of the larger gangs in Tiergarten. In addition to the normal gear carried by a Ganger two members of the Red and Black is toting a Street Greaser and one of the IO360 has gotten their hands on a Refurbished Great War Automatic Shotgun. Both sides are taking the spray and pray approach to matters and the Characters are caught in the middle.
    Neither gang has any particular interest in the bystanders but wont hesitate to shoot anyone feeling brave that day. There should be 2 to 4 more Gangers than Player Characters. This clash between the gangs can happen anywhere, some possible locations include grocery stores, night clubs or just out on the street. The shoot out should put the Characters in the crossfire.

    The Red and Black

    The Red and Black believe in national pride and going for a paramilitary or police appearance. Favorite pastimes include firebombing Asian markets or ASA chain stores harassing people on the street and starting fights in clubs.


    Comprised of ASA military brats and Ex-Pats the IO360 originally formed out of a need to protect themselves from groups like the Red and Black. Years later they are known for their ability to acquire military grade hardware for the right buyers.


    Dog Days

    One or more of the Characters has been targeted by the Keepers of the Unbound World. Dispatching a team of two Dogs the investigators will keep their distance monitoring the Characters. If possibly the Dogs will remain in an armored Luxury Sedan leaving the safety of the vehicle only if absolutely necessarily.

    The Dogs monitor the Characters for two weeks. Each day that passes have the Characters make Sense Tree rolls. An average Stealth Roll for the Dogs’ is 28.
    If spotted the Dogs will immediately flee.
    If trapped by the Characters they will attempt to keep them at bay while radioing for back-up. They will not willing divulge who they are or who they work for. Although they may appear to be detectives (Street Smarts Target 15).
    The Dogs will not allow themselves to be taken alive.

    Filing The Report

    Through the course of their investigation the Dogs report back to the Keepers.

    If the Characters take any aggressive actions, display any Supernatural abilities in this time, or attempt to make contact with the Dogs (regardless of outcome) go to Event: Not of This World.
    If the Characters do not display any of the above qualities the Keepers will reassign the Dogs to a new case.

    Not of This World

    While the Characters may have done nothing but defend themselves they have been deemed a possible threat by the Keepers and slated for execution.

    The Keepers have assigned a hit team consisting of 1 Dog for each Player Character +1 for each display of Supernatural ability during the investigation up to 4 additional members. The team is lead by a Pain In The Ass Cop.
    The Keepers are not opposed to collateral damage but rarely employ tools such as explosives unless the damage can be kept to a minimum, such as a car bomb. Instead they will attempt to target the Characters when they are exposed and with as few bystanders as possible.
    GMs if you wish to increase the difficulty of this encounter consider converting the Pain In The Ass Cop into a Lucid giving them 25 Lucid Points and changing their Other trait to Lucid.
    The Keepers are not the type to sacrifice men lightly. They will have multiple evacuation points and will attempt to flee if they take 3 or more casualties.


    Assuming the Player Characters survive their encounter with the Keepers the Barony will take a more distanced approach not wanting to sacrifice additional resources. The Keepers will monitor the Characters from a greater distance logging their abilities.


    Ultimately, when the Keepers set their sights on someone they will end up dead. They are devoted to protecting the earth from Supernatural threats and escaping a hit squad only reinforces that idea that the Characters cannot be allowed to live.
    Should they continue to “pose a threat” to the Unbound World the Keepers may attempt another strike. This may come at a time when the Characters are wounded or in particularly poor defensive positions.
    One possible way out of this may be to try and negotiate services with the Keepers. The Players should be wary of any type of Aid for Immunity deals, it wouldn’t be out of the question though for the Keepers to assign the most dangerous targets to the Characters as they are expendable.