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  • The Unconventional Combatant Part 6: The Club Kid

    The city’s a nightmare, the streets are filled with, gangs pushers and every variety of filth. Why bother with any of that? Night or day you can slip away into the clubs. There’s always a party somewhere, places where the music drowns out the horrors of the outside and smells of sweat, smoke and alcohol mix in the air as you ride the sea of bodies around you, ebbing to the beat of the music.

    Every district of Tiergarten has at least one or two night clubs or more. With the insanity of modern living some never bother to close, it’s always someone’s Friday and it’s five o’clock somewhere. These social hot spots rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Clubs that were the place to be seen last night may be gone by tomorrow. Themes vary from the predictable to the outrageous. Like the short lived 6th Circle that literally light a fire under patrons that sat too long and roasting Go-Gos.

    The Concert Kid knows all the best best clubs, even before they open, who the bands are and how to get in without waiting in some stupid line. They don’t necessarily know people but they know how to talk to people and what it takes to stay on the razor’s edge of popularity. Unfortunately for them few of these skills matter to the unspeakable things that lurk in the Unseen World.

    We begin with the Characteristics of a Club Kid. Acrobatics, Dodge, Fasting, Bargain Finding, Herbalism, Street Smarts, Chemistry with the Specialty: Recreational, Disguise, Distraction, Art: Dancing, Etiquette with the Specialty: Club Scene and Fashion. Unlike some of our other Unconventional Combatants the Club Kid actually has a few Combat Skills just to support their Dancing and overall style. From the Club Kid’s Skill selections there are two Boons that pop up:

    Mind Over Body – Mundane
    You’ve been bruised, you’ve been cut, maybe even stabbed or shot, doesn’t matter, you found a way to press on. The character is able to ignore some of the pain from Wounds and
    Using Mind Over Body: The character reduces the Ego cost for Rolls made using a Wounded Characteristic Tree by an amount equal to the number of Survival Skills and Specialties they possess.

    Thick Skinned – Mundane
    Insults, social barbs and the grating of others has hardened the character. For them it’s easy to shut out others, ignore mental anguish and simple move on.
    Using Thick Skinned: The character gains a bonus equal to the number of Cultural Skills and Specialties they possess to Defend using their Mental Tree.

    The Club Kid could also easily pick up the Expression Traits Area of Influence: Club Scene, Beauty and First Impressions. Before looking at Lucid Realms for the Club Kid there are also some easy Supernatural Characteristic choices for the Character so we add Battery, Drug Resistant and Combat Reflexes.

    Any of the Four Outer Realms could fit for a Club Kid. Because our Club Kid is a bit of an escapist and possibly an addict the Slumber seems like a solid fit as a form of wish fulfillment. However, the idea of just ignoring wounds and pain and just getting back to the party leads more to the Grave’s Cold One Abilities or the Verdant’s ability to heal. Since our Club Kid isn’t as dark and icky as those Razor Girls we opt for the Verdant to let out our wild side. The first few Boons play directly into the ability to keep parting no mattre what.

    Hearty – Supernatural
    The character’s constitution is unnaturally strong, allowing them to shrug off the ill effects of many weaker toxins.

    Second Wind – Supernatural
    When exhaustion sets in and most people can barely stand, some dig deep and fight past the fatigue.

    Healing Factor – Dark, Verdant
    Most people are locked into the painfully slow routine of natural recovery; but unlike most people, there are those who can push past that limitation with paranormal efficiency.

    Poison Tamer – Slumber, Verdant
    Drug tolerance only goes so far. The character is able to shrug off more potent drugs and toxins.

    Accelerated Recovery – Verdant
    Wounds that would put a normal person out of commission for weeks or even months fade in a matter of days for the Verdant Lucid.

    Scavenger – Verdant
    Like many animals, the Verdant Lucid can survive on the worst of foods without ill effect.

    Eat that thing in the fridge that turned green, snort something that looks interesting and then party for another thirty six hours. The Club Kid now calls that how to start a four day weekend. The next set of Boons build on the premise of never stopping the party.

    Boosted Healing – Verdant
    Through their connection with the Verdant, the character’s healing factor quickly exceeds other Lucids.

    Controlled Healing – Verdant
    As their link to the Verdant grows, the character learns how to tap into the stream of life energy from the Realm.

    Expanded Healing – Verdant
    The Verdant Lucid is bound to a wellspring of life. Tapping into it rejuvenates more than just the body.

    Sleep is for the weak and falling down three flights of stairs is just making sure we don’t get tired. Party On!

    Healer’s Touch- Verdant
    The powers of the Verdant are not limited merely to preserving the character’s own life. With a simple touch, the Verdant Lucid is able to heal others.

    River of Life – Verdant
    The character is able to heal all those around them by opening a Gateway into the Verdant within themselves.

    By adding Healer’s Touch and River of Life the Club Kid has literally become the life of the party keeping their mates going. The Club Kid cold easily evolve into a kind of Cult of personality selecting the Faction Boon. However, we’re going to take the Character’s influence in a different direction:

    Dominating Howl – Verdant
    With the sheer power of their voice, the Verdant Lucid is able to demand respect.

    The Club Kid doesn’t have followers but anyone on the scene should respect them. The last three Boons we take for our Club Kid allow them play on their dancing skills in actual Combat:

    Distracting Speaker: Dance
    Not everyone is a fighter. Some people have to talk their way out of tricky situations.
    The character may use their Fast Talk, Subterfuge, or other appropriate skill as a supporting characteristic for Defense. The characteristic is chosen when this boon is selected.

    Distracting Strike – Supernatural
    The character’s skill at distracting foes in combat is reinforced with a swift kick.
    The character may use their skill for the Distracting Speaker boon as a supporting characteristic for attack rolls.

    Lucky Shot – Supernatural
    No one can predict the flow of combat, but sometimes what should be a negligible blow is instead crippling.
    Players should describe how the Lucky Shot inflicts it’s Wounds after attacking. Because this is a matter of Fortune it may be unrelated to their attack involving the environment or other outside factor.

    While the Distracting Speaker Boon was intended for people that can either steam opponents up or talk them down out Club Kid is partly defined by their ability to dance. It doesn’t seem to far of a cinematic stretch to allow this Supporting Characteristic, even if it is a bit flashy. With the addition of the Distracting Strike our Club Kid may dance their way to victory. While the Club Kid really doesn’t have any offensive talents we add the Lucky Shot Boon as they duck, dive and avoid their foes there’s no real telling what could happen.