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  • The Lucid Effect 5: The Cat Lady

    The Lucid Effect presents a new Lucid, first with only mundane abilities that encapsulate their former lives, and a possible incarnation with supernatural talents building off their previous skills.

    The Basic Template spends only basic Character Points and 5 Lucid Points.
    The Lucid Template fills out the character presenting a near complete New Lucid.


    It’s perfectly reasonable to cat around with this kitty causally. While it’s far to easy to fall into the grand debate, Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar we’re looking at a different kind of cat lady this week. This is the recluse that lives for their kitties, yes, they live, work and function in everyday society  it’s only marginally true.  This is someone completely dedicated to their pets and while it doesn’t have to be cats the Cat Lady is one of those iconic images we couldn’t resist.


    To take care of her cats our lady has chosen a rather reasonable career as an accountant. Something she could mostly do from home, allowing her more time with her pets. We give her Law, Logic & Math as well as some social skills to ensure she’s both good at her job and can feign normalcy.


    After that we look at some kitty quality skills. Animal Handling, Domestic, and Study: Cats are all easy choices. Knowing how to care and clean one;s animals is important. To that effect we add in Zoology to represent a mildly obsessive study of the various breeds of cats.  We round this out with Perception, Scrounging, and Fasting, for finding missing cats, and dealing with the lean times when money is tight due to kitty issues.


    History 9 Fortune 8
    Career: Accountant 4 Intuition 7
    BG: Cat Fanatic 6
    Education 4
    Strength 5 Wisdom 5
    Animal Handling 4
    Domestic 4
    Study: Cats 4
    Dexterity 5 Intelligence 5
    Law 4
    Logic and Math 4
    Zoology 4
    Constitution 8 Mental 5
    Fasting 7
    Sense 5 Expression 5
    Perception 4 Etiquette 4
    Scrounging 4 Subterfuge 4


    Now, what’s better than your average ordinary cat lover? Why one that summon up her own pride.


    History 9 Fortune 8 Boons Value
    Career: Accountant 4 Intuition 7 Flesh Eater Ma
    BG: Cat Fanatic 6 Animal Speech Ma
    Education 4 Command Animals Ma
    Familiar: Eurasian Lynx Ma
    Strength 5 Wisdom 5 Summon Animals Ma
    Animal Handling 4 Natural Summoner Ma
    Domestic 4 Pack Master Ma
    Study: Cats 4 Predator and Prey Ma
    Dexterity 5 Intelligence 5 Drawbacks
    Law 4 Limited: Animal Speech: Cats Mi
    Logic and Math 4 Limited: Command Animals: Cats Mi
    Zoology 4 Limited: Summon Animals: Cats Mi
    Limited: Predator and Prey: Cats Mi
    Constitution 8 Mental 5
    Fasting 7
    Tough 6
    Sense 5 Expression 5
    Perception 4 Etiquette 4
    Scrounging 4 Subterfuge 4


    How our Cat Lady came to be touched by the Verdant we don’t know. However, we do know that she travels with a pack now. Faithful Lynx by her side, she can call up a pack of feral city infused with her Verdant energies cats capable of easily overcoming the average mundane.


    The Cat Lady represents a specialist character. Driven to do one thing closely linked to her concept the scope of many of her Boons are limited to only her feline friends. No self respecting dog fears the Cat Lady, but they should.


    The Cat Lady uses all 60 Experience as a New Lucid.