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  • Chatham House 4: Murdoch “Mud Face” MacLeish

    The Chatham House articles discuss people that may be inserted into campaigns as ready made NPCs to add flavor or detail to your world. The character’s discussed in the Chatham House often have ties to various organizations, Baronies, Corporations, Governments, but operate outside the normal protocols.

    Want a week in someone else’s body? Be skinny, fat, angel or demon Mud Face is an artist that sees the beauty in everything. Once a licencee doctor Murdoch MacLeish went underground after he was charged with implanting patients with time released botchulism bombs to keep them coming back for touch ups. A master of body sculpting even knowing his reputation couldn’t dissuade his most serious clients.

    Strangely going underground seemed to bring in more clients. Something about the mad artist and getting to play shady dealings when everyone knew he was just a glorified plastic surgeon. Some clients would go so far as to let their botchulism bombs go off just for signature proof of where they got their work done.

    Other clients like to release the artist. Meaning allowing Murdoch free reign on their looks. Ever see a woman with four inch horns of wrapped flesh, a Hannya smile, and a ten thousand dollar dress, no need to guess where she gets her work done.

    Murdoch keeps his operations mobile and is never without a host of well armed guards. More than once a client has come to him thinking the ‘botchulism thing’ was just a joke, and there’s no medical malpractice suits against a man who technically hasn’t done anything. Although, Murdoch isn’t the only doctor to keep a TKA Auto 10 under his medical robe.

    Story Seeds:
    Need to disappear without leaving the city, or just get out of your skin and into someone else’s for a few days, Murdoch’s you man.

    Alternatively Murdoch can serve as a protagonist or antagonist, either recruiting the Characters to collect on debts or being hired to repay the body sculptor for a botch job.

  • Adventure Seed 2: Face Jacking

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.

    Face Jacking

    Setting Up

    Cosmetics aren’t even skin deep, body sculpting can make you beautiful from the inside out. Some people take this to the extreme taking on absurd or animalistic features in the name of high fashion. Others emulate the current crop of stars or the greats that never seem to fade away. Like anything else people seem to be able to turn a trend into an obsession. There are half a dozen or more names for them, Plastic-Freaks and Fashionatrix being the two most common. Facing Holly in LA is a rather notorious night spot that allows only A-Listers, and their best Fashionatrixs.

    Before beginning this Seed, GMs may make a point of highlighting this high fashion subculture. This may be as simple as a pair of Marilyn Monroes walking down the street, an advertisement for a new sculpting clinic or a new Facing Holly opening in the Campaign City.



    Diamonds Aren’t Forever

    Abdul McKenzie’s Fine Jewels is the first to be robbed. Eight women in urban military armor siege the building after disabling the alarm systems. Using riot grenades and heavy pistols they secured the display room taking only the display cases and any worn jewelry. In just under two minutes the women are out of the building.

    Following the robbery at Abdul’s there are three more attacks over the following month, different districts, different women, same tactics. After the fourth attack the IDC (International Diamond Consortium) offer a substantial reward to any person or persons that can provide information leading to the capture of this gang with an actual bounty of twice the amount.
    The full Bounty is worth 50 CP of Temporary Wealth (This is a total reward and would need to be divided up.)

    Bullets and Ballet

    Two weeks after the IDC’s bounty the gang strikes again. This time targeting a visiting USC Ballet troupe that is scheduled to perform Amore Ricchezza e il Cavallo. They attack several hours before the show targeting the dancers.


    The Face Jumpers

    While each robbery may appear to involve different women the gang consists of 10 women, all of them either former Mercs or Corporate Security and two Xors. After each robbery they have Sculpted new looks. GMs may wish to give the Face Jumpers 20 additional Experience to vary their skills. Here are short descriptions of key members:


    Demetria – Merc (The Old Gun): A former member of the Silver Eagle Company Demetria chose to leave the company after an explosion forced her to have a leg replaced. Demetria is cold, calculating and deadly. Multiple members of her squad left with Demetria. She is the brains behind the Face Jumpers.
    Silver Eagle Company: Minka, Lucy, Cameron, Drew, Anne (Xor)


    Jacklyn – Corporate Security: Ex-IDC procurer Jacklyn led a four man fire team for boarder crossings and black trade operations. While Jacklyn was contacted by Demetria for the Face Jumpers she holds no loyalty outside her own fire team. Should a better deal come along she would be quick to cut an run.
    IDC Procurement Team: Kate, Cheryl, Forsythe (Xor)


    Forsythe – Xor: One of the two team hackers Forsythe is also the lady with the connections. It’s Forsythe that will make the deal to move the diamonds and jewelry when their run is up. If she can find a way, she will cut and run. Forsythe is no idiot though and the opportunity would have to be rock solid.


    Dr. Hicks: While not a member of the Face Jumpers Hicks is the Body Sculpt Doc who has performed all their surgeries. Hicks once served with Demetria before retiring but remains extremely loyal to the woman. Although, he is not willing to sacrifice his life or practice for her.


    Looks Like I did It

    The women recycle faces and are fond of using the appearances of any investigators that may be looking into the crimes. If there are female members of the Coven there is a high chance that the next robbery will involve their look alike.


    Barony Bait

    With the Gang of Ten being all ex-military or close to it, they are prime targets for integration by the Templar. This likely would take the form of contacting the Gang for work and possibly trying to force Elucidations on them.


    End Game

    In the week following the Ballet job Forsythe will work his contacts in a bidding war. Once they have a buyer the Face Jumpers will arrange the deal somewhere inside the Campaign City then retire going their separate ways.