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  • Off The Beaten Path 2: Asdament South West Manufacturing Hub, Teotihuacan

    To: BoardList@ Asdament.gov.asda

    CC: <Redacted>

    Subject: — Internal Only — Corporate Manufacturing Site Southwest

    All southwest manufacturing hub <Redacted> remain internal only.

    The southwest manufacturing hub <Redacted> supports 65,400 indigene workers all housed within the facility. Citizen-Employees earn debt for maturation and delivery costs as well as productivity drain on parental units. Year four Citizen-Employees being their education regimen, education, and training debts subsided by ASA developmental incentives.   Citizen-Employees receive incentive to educate as desired, up to but not limited to doctorate level development, noting cost adjustments for non-primary educational services. The expectation of Citizen-Employees is to work until repayment of maturation, infant and educational costs as well as any additional housing, food or incremental costs incurred.

    The southwest hub continues to operate at sub-peak levels. Noted performance detractors include, but are not limited to, equipment malfunction, fatigue, illness, and insurgency. Recommended mitigation strategy:

    1.  Current generation students are incentivized to maintenance positions by increasing education costs of non-repair training.
    2. Increased methamphetamine levels are being integrated into first meal routines. Food debts incurred by Citizen-Employees adjusted accordingly.
    3. Upgrades to Citizen-Employee housing offered.  Housing debts adjusted.
    4. Current generation students are incentivized to security positions by increasing education costs of non-security training.

    <Signature Redacted>


    The Peoples History of Teotihuacan

    The Great War saw upraising in countries across the world. In the former country of Mexico, drug cartels overturned the national and local governments. The cartels created small kingdoms for themselves before the Juarez Massacre in 2130, and the libration, or annexation, of Mexico in 2133. During this period of cartel rule, murder and wholesale slaughter of villages became a common occurrence. Mexico City, a war zone of competing drug lords saw daily death tolls in the double and triple digits. For protection, many innocent people fled to Teotihuacan ruins looting the few remaining corporate controlled markets outside of the tourist site.

    The old city built to hold thousands retained structures for millennia, the pyramids alone large enough to house scores of survivors. Ransacking the commercial box stores the retail giants that encircled the ruins refugees collected whatever they could to survive an indefinite conflict. In 2134 nearly a year after the liberation of Mexico surveyors found a thriving community within the now rebuilt city. While most of the city was without power, supplies harvested provided basic services. Layers of solar arrays were staggered along the old temples to the Sun and Moon Gods to generate power for the town’s water purifiers and essential functions. Teotihuacan having no radio, satellite, or other media services had been unaware of the death of Felipo Soto, a dictator that had risen to power and unified the cartels.

    In the aftermath of the Teotihuacan discovery, and the integration of the Mexican states into the new ASA, Asdament International, the world’s fourth largest retailer and a major partner in Reclaimer Embargo brought a class action lawsuit against the peoples of Teotihuacan for the willful destruction of private property and, theft, and vandalism.   The city was bankrupted in under six weeks and the land purchased by Asdament. That was the beginning of the southwest hub, and the legend the Feathered Serpent’s return.


    The Cohuatl

    While the salves of the Asdament state know the name of the Cohuatl, it is a closely guarded secret within the community. Eighty years ago, they were a small Coven of Lucids that helped to protect fleeing refugees. They had no interest in politics and were content to survive below the radar in the turbulent times. As the people of Teotihuacan were stripped of their rights through a series of corrupt rulings this began to change.

    Originally, there were only three. Today there are maybe two hundred or more, not including a support network of sympathizers.  Few are actually Lucid. The majority are mundane freedom fighters born into the legalized slavery of Teotihuacan. The Cohuatl gather information leaking what they can, when they can to the public. However, they fear the public is unaware, or worse unsympathetic. Sadly, those inside the Teotihuacan hub have virtually no knowledge of the outside word anymore beyond stories from the oldest members of the community.

    It seems that while there are still some Lucid among the ranks of the Cohuatl Asdament maintains interests beyond the mundane as well. The old Sun God temple has been locked down for decades. Here prisoners are transported and simply disappear. The Cohuatl believe there is one touched by Itzcoliuhqui, god of darkness.


    Adventure Seeds

    Teotihuacan is off the map, in a legal sense. The complex does exist on paper, as a historical footnote, and in rumors about slaver companies in the ASA. Although, technically what Asdament does to their employees is legal, by the loosest definitions of the law. Players may be exploring Teotihuacan from the outside, or from within as members of the Cohuatl.

    The Aztec ruins were built to last and contained temples to both the sun and moon. GMs may choose to ramp up the supernatural forces at play with intermediate bridges to both the Slumber and Dark from various points within the compound. Asdament may be a front for a larger coven or Barony.