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  • The Butcher of Bezirk

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  • Lost Boys And Golden Girls 3: The Cost of a Drink

    Spending the rest of the night in the city their dreams were plagued by the lone scavenger. Both of them waking to the realization this phantom had somehow infested both their minds. Resolving to check the last place marked on the map, what looked like an old bunker, they had found Sera and Rebekka made their way back to the outskirts of Tiergarten.

    Collecting what supplies they had Rebekka collected her knives and a few grenades she had squirreled away in case of emergency. The Wastes was a dangerous place and what was the phrase? Luck favors the prepared?

    Asking around it didn’t take long to find someone heading into the Wastes. While not past the bunker, he got them close. From there they were on their own. Several kilometers from their destination they began their trek.

    Barren fields still scorched from the War. At points it was hard to tell if the occasional abandoned vehicle were from soldiers or scavengers who ran out of luck. They walked through the hard places of the earth. The places man had poisoned that refused to die but were left scared.

    Prying open an the old hatch Rebekka led the way down. Week old chem lights still resonated with a faint green glow. The bunker seemed to radiate with Verdant force. For a moment she though she saw the spirit of the man walking ahead of them. The image fading as they rounded stairs down.

    Cut from the earth the bunker had been reinforced with steel. four gun slits had been blocked by dirt but the mounts were still in place for machine guns. In the center of the bunker protected by a short guard rail was a hatch. Here the bunker became more earth than metal. Ladder rungs bolted to stone led down to a small carved out barracks.

    Long since ransacked all that remained were bunk bed frames and rotted matrices. at the far corner the ground had given out and a tunnel opened up. Barely a crawlspace, still chem lights marked the way. On all fours they followed. Again it was as if they could see the man who had burned up not three days prior.

    Down, always down, the tunnel was wet and earth gave way to mud as the slope increased. Sliding down Rebekka and Sera were deposited in a natural cavern. At the far end a small aquifer bubbled up. The water was crystal clear and inside floated what looked like a marble.

    The image of the scavenger waded out sending ripples through the pond. Reaching for the gem just under the surface he was drawn in vanishing. The women stood there unsure what to do.

    Cautiously they fashioned a net to retrieve the marble without touching it. Pulling it from the tiny lake saw it clearer now, a sphere of water. Skittishly Rebekka poked at the marble with a dagger. It did not pop, bowing to the blade it rippled as she pulled back.

    After a bit of experimentation Sera cautiously lifted the sphere. Touching it she could hear the spirit of the scavenger in her mind begging to be set free. Inside this drop Verdant Essence was the trapped soul of the man who had found it.

    Unsure Sera forced it into an empty canteen. Much to their surprise it quickly filled with water. Pouring it out the gem was stuck inside but the bottle quickly refilled itself. All the while the cries of the scav rang out in her mind.

    Taking the canteen hesitation gave way to curiosity as Rebekka drank the purest tasting water of her life. Strangely refreshed she watched as the canteen began to refilled itself. This however did nothing to settle the trapped spirit.

    Stowing the canteen with the marble still inside the pair slogged their way back up through the mud. Up from the barracks it was as if they had stepped back in time. The sounds of gunfire rang from outside the bunker. Checking the hatches out they could hear people on either side.

    Uncertainty returned and Sera and Rebekka fled back down into the earth. Sera tried to seal the hatch behind her but the lock had been forced and no longer sealed. Lower the dropped back into the cave hoping to wait things out.

    Tense minutes passed but fortune was not on their side. Soon came the sounds of boots hitting the ground and men in the tunnels. Scared the women prepared for the worse. taking up positions on either side of the cave tunnel’s opening hoping to use the muddy slide to their advantage.

    Soon enough men in dirty camo outfits came sliding down. They held their rifles above their heads and before they could react the women truck. Knives and claws make short work of the men. One does manage to fire off a shot before Rebekka brought his life to a close.

    The exchange had been quick and vicious without a word spoken. Sera fell back, the wound in her chest should have been fatal. Had she not been infused with supernatural force herself it would have been.

    Laying her friend out Rebekka remembered the purity of the water. Pouring out the canteen she tried to clean Sera’s wound. As the water touched flesh it began to burn washing the worst of the hurt away. Half in amazement Sera pulled herself up looking at the now spent canteen begin to refill itself. Intentions began to shift as they looked at the canteen.

    “Can you imagine how much we would make using this with my medical skills?” The question resonated between them and the voice of the trapped Scavenger seemed to fade. There wasn’t much time to think about things like that though. They still needed to get free.

    Collecting what they could from the bodies Sera and Rebekka began the journey back up. While in the tunnel they could hear others in the barracks. They froze. Turning Sera whispered back to her partner, grenade. They were underground but having been shot once she knew there was no surviving a firefight with more of these gunmen.

    Throwing the explosives the chamber around them shook filling with dust and debris. In the confusion Sera took aim with the rifle she had taken off one of the men. In the confusion though she couldn’t get a clear shot off. Having never really fired a gun she wasn’t expecting miracles but it was a useless attempt. Turning the women quickly tried to get back down below hoping they may have goaded whoever was up there into coming after them.

    As they fled a shot rang out rearing through Rebekka’s throat.The woman fell and the pair slid back down through the mire. Frantic Sera pulled the canteen off her body but it was still mostly empty. Grunting she drug her partner into the pool dropping the canteen hoping that the magic would work again.

    Blood drifted out along the aquifer. The canteen filled. The gem began to turn the water. With a gasp Rebekka found herself pulled back from the edge of death. They were trapped though. Unable to leave they waited. Eventually a voice somewhere closer to a growl echoed down the tunnel.

    “Give us the gem and I’ll allow you to live.”


    “What gem?” Sera eventually called back.

    “Don’t play coy, we’ve come for the same prize.”

    “How do you know we have some gem?” There was laughter at this question.

    “Do not be a fool girl I sensed it just like you have. Now give it to me and you can live.” This was the first time ether Sera or Rebekka had encountered another Lucid. There was a quick realization that this was not a man who needed to hide. He did not fear and they suspected lived better than inside a gutted van.

    “We’re fine down here.”

    “You’ll starve to death.”

    “You’ll need to eat too.”

    “I can call for reinforcements.” His statement was followed by a laugh that resonated in mire. “Just give me the gem and you can walk away.”

    “How can we trust you?”

    “That is something you’ll have to decide for yourselves.”

    Backing away from the tunnel the women talked going over their options. Asking era for her last grenade they came up with a plan they thought might work.

    “Alright, you come down alone, tell your men to leave.” This time it was Sera and Rebekka who were met with silence. Then they sensed him, the powers of the Grave seemed to swim around him. They knew he was coming.

    When they finally saw the man he was unlike the others. Wearing a nice black suit, although frayed he seemed to somehow be above everything going on around him. There was no malice in his expression when he looked at them. Holding the canteen with the gem in one hand she held the unpinned grenade in the other.

    “Now we walk out together.”

    “As you wish.” Stepping aside he motioned for them to go first up the incline. While a struggle to hold everything Rebekka helped Sera up and out of the tunnel. The barracks was empty save for the remains of those caught in the explosion. Rebekka finally spoke.

    “You’re not angry about your men?”

    “They are mundane, what do they matter?” There was an amused expression on his face. Rebekka couldn’t tell if it was from her question or from watching Sera attempt to navigate the ladder with a live grenade.

    “Aren’t you worried we’ll attack you?”

    “No, that would be a mistake.” Again the meaning was lost.

    Outside they saw the remains of the battle that had occurred. Bodies littered the scorched earth. There was a small camp where the remainder of the surviving combatants waited. It looked like this is where they had taken cover during the battle above. There were several cars and vans that had been moved near the makeshift camp.

    “Now, I have been accommodating, it is time for you to hand over the gem.”

    “How do we know you wont just shoot us now?” Reaching into his pocket the man fished out a set of keys.

    “Take my car. The gem is what’s important to me, not you.” Reaching out Rebekka took the keys from him. Sera handed the gem before sliding the pin back in the grenade.

    “The gem, the spirit of a man is trapped inside. He’s haunted us for days.”

    “I wouldn’t worry about him anymore.” With the statement Sera could sense his power.

    “What’s your name?”

    “It does not matter to you what my name is.”

    “What, what if I wanted to work for you?” Again the question was fallowed by laughter.

    “Most people call me the Barron.” Turning his back on them he crossed the filed signaling to the men it was time to head back down.

    There was a moment of relief with the Barron gone. The man hadn’t asked for anything else. It was obvious though that this was a man who cared little for human life. Yet, at the same time he seemed to be the first that might actually be able to protect them.

    As the drove the world seemed to stretch out before them. Had they made the right choice? What would it mean to align themselves with such a man?There was a relief and they both felt it, but what would the ultimate cost be?

  • Lost Boys And Golden Girls 2: Into The Big City

    The van sits in a circle with other similar homes. Although, not all of them built from dead vehicles. There was a central flame pit for cooking and warmth. As Sera and Rebekka prepared their dinner a trail of smoke can be seen moving up through the tent city coming from out in the Wastes. Shortly after the smoke trail stops moving there is an explosion. Being a medic by trade Sera is quick to start making her way toward the smoke.

    They are joined by others living in the tent city. By the time they arrive there is a small mob standing behind the B96 guardrails. On the other side was a crashed sedan, it was obvious even from a distance that the vehicle belong to a scavenger. Gear packed away along with a backseat of strange bobbles and a netting over the hood to hold down the rest. Three men stood by the body of a fourth. Clearing the concrete barricade Sera made her way to them. Laying on the ground

    Half the man’s body was burned badly. Stranger though was the side not exposed to the blast when the engine blew. Fungus seemed to creep out from the fingers along his arm up across his chest and head. Looking at him it was clear this was not gangrene but something fungal, almost moss like. Showing her medical kit the men who had pulled the body from the wreckage backed away. Despite appearances Sera checked for a pulse but the man was long dead.

    Realizing there was nothing she could do to save the man Sera slipped back into the crowd to watch. Not long after the police arrived from Tiergarten, shortly followed by medical and towing. The pair note that Gradient Health Industries treat the body as a biohazard yet when Amertlite Towing arrives to hook up the wreckage like any other junked car unaware of the body’s questionable condition.

    Within an hour it was as if nothing had ever happened. Eventually the crowd began to break up and Rebekka and Sera turned to the warmth of the flame pit, dinner and sleep. In the morning it doesn’t occur to them that no one comes out while they go through their morning rituals. Through the day things seem normal enough for Rebekka as she moves through the shops and drinking holes looking for work. For Sera though, things seem a bit colder, even for January. People she knew that needed medical attention avoided her, for that matter everyone seemed to avoid the young doctor.

    That night when they slept Rebekka was restless, all she saw was endless highway. On the horizon was a city stacked on top of the ruins of older cities. The road walled in by dead brush and car wrecks. No matter how fast or far she drove she never seemed to get any closer. Waking up in a cold sweat Sera tried to calm her down.

    They didn’t really remember going back to sleep but they knew when it was time to get up. Outside a man pounded on the door. As Sera slid open the side of the van a local repair man jumped back looking at he hands. Stammering through he explained that he had heard on the radio that the body of the scavenger had been stolen from the morgue. With a little work the pair was able to get the radio in the van to work tuning into the News-stream FCXS they listened to the rebroadcast.

    Strange but Sera couldn’t let that distract her from taking care of those she knew needed help. Scavenging some cut off clothes she went to make her rounds with as much exposed skin as she could tolerate in winter, her patients needed to see she wasn’t infected.

    Rebekka on the other hand could not get last night’s dream out of her head. After getting something to eat she returned to the seen of the crash. It was as if nothing had ever happened. Crossing the highway she tried to gain perspective. Everything felt wrong. Crossing again she looked with Lucid eyes. Opening herself to the spirits Rebekka could see the phantom car racing down the highway. The body of the scavenger limp. the spirit of the scavenger raging to stop the car. The scene seemed to be in an endless loop, a memory written in asphalt and blood.

    Before she could move she felt a man’s hand on her shoulder, his presence penetrating her. Straining it took what strength he could muster to utter a single phrase: Find me. Then before she could turn, he was gone. Hunting down Sera she tells her about the experience and even if she couldn’t save his life she somehow felt she had to give him rest.

    Having worked through the day to restore her name Sera was less than trilled by this but eventually considers to help her friend. Considering the break in getting into Gradient seemed impossible. After a bit of back and forth they decide to check the impound lot. This meant going into the city, something both women had been hoping to avoid. Unfortunately, this was where they hoped to find some answers.

    Walking the shoulder on B96 the tent city gave way to petrol stations and strip malls. Buildings began to rise up around them, five stories, ten, thirty, fifty, a hundred or more. They had walked a virtual straight line yet somehow felt lost. Not knowing the city it took hours to navigate the streets of Tiergarten. Eventually they found the lot. A three foot wall followed by an electrified fence and security cameras everything said, hello come on in.

    Not really the personable type and still not fully convinced they should be getting involved Sera waited outside. The office was relatively clean, the mechanic behind the desk watched an old episode of Clamjaw on the monitor, switching it over to the list of impounded vehicles as Rebekka entered.

    After an awkward attempt t getting into the lot the mechanic takes her outside of the camera’s view letting her know there are easier ways to ask to bribe him. Not having any real money though Rebekka offered up a gold plated watch she had been given. The man snorted but tried it on sending the woman on her way.

    It doesn’t take her long to locate the car, rooting around nothing seemed that special, digging equipment and camping gear, nothing all too out of the ordinary. The only thing of interest she could find was a map of the Wastes with what looked like dig sites marked off.

    Not wanting to waste a gift on her way back out Rebekka checked for unlocked cars. With a bit of skill she manages to find a rolled up TV scroll, a small prize. Meeting Sera outside the doctor watched as a trio or Audio Punks strutted down the street. A thin spiked Mohawk on the leader spit venomous lyrics about rage and tearing through the garden of the mind.

    Feeling more than a little exposed the pair made their way to something a bit more secluded, Unfortunately with no real money this turned out to be a small space under a dumpster. Huddled together they unrolled the television scanning the local stations for any update on the break in and abduction of the body.

    There was nothing. Sera knew that couldn’t be right, if a disgruntled employee who blows himself up inside a bank can run for three days surely a possible viral outbreak would rate the same treatment. It was a cold realization the story was being suppressed…

  • Lost Boys And Golden Girls 1: Getting Started

    The group is ready to begin a new campaign. The GM, David sits down with two Players they begin Character Creation. Both Players are very new to the system having only played in short demo game this is first real look at the setting and how to make Characters. After talking a little bit about the game world ideas begin to formulate around what kind of Characters they may want to play.

    First up is Rebekka, after being abducted by a small cult she was to be used as a ritual sacrifice. The young woman reached a Dark Elucidation at the edge of a knife. This knife being poised just above her heart as she lay out on the table.

    Gifted by this sudden revelation she manged to escape. Since that time she had tried to erase herself. To hide is one thing, Rebekka no longer wanted to exist according to public records.
    Rebekka is attuned to the Dark Realm and has begun to learn how to use her powers.

    Due to her fear of capture she has also trained herself physically and mentally. From time to time Rebekka sees shadowy images of people and can tap into the thoughts of others. Since her Elucidation her luck has also seems to have changed. Perhaps her link to the Dark aids her in ways she does not yet fully understand.

    Next we have Sera, born in a small town her father was the local doctor. Growing up Sera learned the family trade and seemed to have a natural knack. Given enough time she may have taken over her father’s practice. However, for reasons unknown the place of her childhood was crushed. Razed by a band of mercenaries they slaughtered the residents.

    Fleeing into the woods it was at a Crossroads where Sera left the horrors of war and entered the Verdant. She knew in the dense forest she was safe although none of it looked familiar to her. Running through the night Sera does not remember falling asleep but when she awoke she was miles from her town and away from the destruction.

    Sera’s connection to the Verdant has only improved her ability to heal, both herself and others. She’s wandered on her own for a while now and in this time she’s had to learn to be more self reliant. She feels a deep connection with the Earth preforming tricks like dowsing with ease. This time in has also given her time for introspection and forced her to learn how to defend herself.

    Looking at the Characters David makes a few notes. Sera has an enemy listed as the group her destroyed her home town. Rebekka has an enemy of the cult member who was going to sacrifice her, which she points out is now a Grave Lucid after the experience. Both have no interest in being found or even being very public.

    This means it’s unlikely they would want to live inside a major city. One thing that hasn’t been discussed is how they met. So he asks them.

    Sera was running down the street and Rebekka sensed her nature as a Lucid and tried to help. Their first encounter went poorly but Rebekka was able to track Sera with her Locate Others Boon. Once the woman understood Rebekka meant Sera no harm they became fast friends. Both of them wanting to hide and both of them having a need to help others, if only in different ways. Thinking about this David puts together the following.

    Outside of Tiergarten along road B96 towards the Wastes is one of the largest tent cities of Germany. Comprised almost entirely of Scavengers and people looking to live outside the system. Most travelers never see it. Here the economy is almost entirely a matter of barter. While some archeologists from the city bring in the occasional Euro most of them have learned it’s better to bring fuel, water and food for trade.
    A mass of burnt out cars correlated metal and makeshift structures, by no means is it pretty but if you know where to look there’s worse inside Tiergarten. That’s the trick of it though, aside from those who deal with the Scavs no one bothers looking. The police may come through there from time to time. If they can avoid it they don’t get out of their cars. Which means they don’t really come there.

    This is where Sera and Rebekka met. Playing into their desires not to be found the Players agree this sounds like a good place to stat. The next questions that come up are how long thy have been there and what they have done to get by.

    The pair have been together for roughly nine months. Rebekka tries to help others, rarely does she ask for compensation but she’s been given gifts of thanks for her work. Her work ranging from helping put up a shack to taking care of the drunk who likes to get a little punchy with his wife. Sera uses the skills she’s picked up a doctor to help out around the community. The Wastes are a dangerous place and the Scav Town is not much better. David tells her she’s gotten a bit of a reputation for being able to help when others can’t.

    Lastly before hey begin David adds a few notes around where they are living. The Characters share a gutted van. There is a fan and heating element powered by a small solar panel. There are several other families around in their camp, around the communal fire pit. Also they have some livestock that’s been given to them, gifts for services rendered. Although, it’s by far not the life of luxury their altruistic natures have helped them get by in the community.

    With their backgrounds in order the party was ready to start.