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  • Adventure Seed 6: Succession!

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.



    Setting Up

    This Seed requires the Characters to be in an ethnic or religious ghetto. This may be where the Characters live or they may simply be traveling through the district. Here are some ready made micro-religions that may spring up around the Characters:

    Divine Informationalists

    There is no greater freedom than what can be found in one’s mind. While naysayers claim that their church was founded around protecting information pirates as clergy with religious immunity the Informationalists argue that the world has forgotten how to learn and to think and without free information the mind can never be free.

    Observers of the Dead Cow

    To covet the flesh is to sin.
    To consume eat of the flesh is to sin.
    To find purity one must purge these carnal thoughts.
    The Observers of the Dead Cow have elevated intercourse as the highest sin linking it to the root of all other sins. To purge themselves of all carnal desires they are also sworn to pure vegan diets. Observers routinely protest butchers and supermarkets. More extreme members scrub their bodies nightly with pumice stones wearing white robes to show their dedication to the purging of the flesh.

    Primitive Reclaimers

    When the Church fell in 2136 AD there were many hard line members that refused to accept reconstruction and the Redeemers. The Primitive Reclaimers see themselves as descended from these hardliners. The only difference the Primitive Reclaimers see virtually all technology as a sin and want to see it all destroyed or Purged to make way for a pure worship. Of course they are not above using things such as computer viruses to shut down negative websites or firearms to get their message across.

    Any of these micro-religions can be used with the trigger of loosing their religious status to spark their reaction.


    Lock Down

    Extremest members of a religious or ethic faction have occupied a nine block area claiming it sovereign territory. Streets have been blocked and are guarded by armed extremists.

    Of course the Player Characters are trapped within this burgeoning nation. The faction will lock down the streets on the boarders first along with the center block where they are operating from. The foot soldiers in this siege use the values listed for Mercs operating in three man teams. During the initial siege there are three groups at each intersection before fanning out leaving a single team to hold the barricades.


    There is no way the siege is gong to last. the police are coming, in force. When this happens no one on the street is safe. The riot squads will march through the district using teargas and combat shotguns to eliminate any possible threats.

    Replace the Police Officer’s normal gear with Riot Gear, 1D6 Teargas Grenades and TKX Riot Stoppers using Sabots. There are at least 10 Police Officers for every entrance to the district.


    The timing of these events are up to the GM. Depending on the Characters some possible Complications include (Use only the Complications that are fitting for your Campaign.):
    Save The innocent: This is a poorer district and there are a lot of people from street vendors to transients who are now trapped.
    Stop it Before It Starts: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this is going to end. The Characters may try and take the “Action Boy” approach of doing the cops job for them and taking out the extremists first or even negotiating a stand down with the Succession’s leadership.
    My Beautiful Home: The Secessionists have planted bombs around the district. As they are being overwhelmed they will detonate these explosives as a distraction for the leadership to escape. This includes whatever building the the Characters are hiding in or are by.

    Note: There are no Supernatural elements to this Adventure Seed. This is just life in the big city.

  • Adventure Seed 5: Botanical Uncooperative

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.

    Botanical Uncooperative

    Setting Up

    The following Seed can happen at any time. GMs may want to foreshadow the Seed with events like rising food prices and raids on grocery stores or delivery trucks. These events don’t need to happen directly before the start of Botanical Uncooperative but help set the current tone of the city.
    GMs wishing to run a delivery truck raid while the PCs are present should use the standard Cargo Transport and Trailer, possible with a reinforced body if this is not the first raid. The driver uses the Smuggler template and the rioters are a mix of Gangers, Scavs and a lot of Crazies.


    Fluff Piece

    There is a short spot on WFCX on the 185th Street Community Cooperative. The article talks about how community organizers rallied local tenets to purchase and maintain a hydroponic farm closed the previous year. The 185 was inspired after the abandoned farm had been converted into a cheap narcotics factory using the left over equipment. A year later the 185th Street Botanical Cooperative produces the best all-natural organic foods in the district. With a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables the tenets of 185 have opened up the cooperative to the public selling produce at dirt cheap rates or bartering for services and equipment.

    The news article may serve as a lead in for Characters looking to save some cash or become involved with the community.
    While at the cooperative Characters will sense another Lucid from time to time. Those with the Locate Others Boon can track this to Linda Four (See Community Calling).

    War of Words

    Following the WGCX news report the farm’s previous owners will begin to take interest. More headlines will begin to crop up around the 185th Street Cooperative.
    The Ministry of Food Safety has begun an investigation into the 185th Street Cooperative’s working environmental.
    185 One of the cleanest Farms in the City.
    Litigation from produce manufacturer Our World Foods begins alleging that the 185th Street Cooperative was purchased illegally.
    Our World Foods to initiate talks to reacquire the 185th Street Farm.
    185 Representative says Let the Courts Decide to OWF buyout offer.

    What’s not being reported is the growing tensions in the community around the cooperative. Black sedans drive up parking, no on ever gets out and if anyone comes to question them the car moves on.

    Community Calling

    As the tensions begin to rise (this may happen during the War of Words) one of the community organizers, Linda Four, will make a public speech on the merits of community and benefits the tenets of 185 have seen over the last year.

    Linda is a talk slender woman, her hair is kept in a flat iron multicolored bob, although her dress is relatively plain. What is most striking about the woman is her green on green eyes.
    Sound bites of this speech may be televised.
    Character’s seeing Linda may make a Wisdom Tree roll versus an Average (15) Target. Her eyes are not cosmetic augmentation, looking at her those who know the signs can see that she is Lucid.


    Behind The Scenes

    The harvest, while not chemically altered is a product of Lynda’s supernatural tampering.


    Two possible motivations for Lynda’s actions:
    Lynda comes from a poor family. Seeing the opportunity she pushed for the acquisition of the farm and hopes that the Verdant forces she has infused the farm with will allow people that would normally go hungry to eat well.
    Lynda is a sleeper agent of the Green Ones. The cooperative is being used as a screening agent for potential new members.

    Recruiting the Player Characters

    Lynda suspects Our World Foods will try something at the cooperative but doesn’t know what shape that will take. If the Characters reveal themselves to her she will likely try and recruit them to aid in defending the farm as her powers center around growing plants, she possesses the Harvest Blessing Boon and it’s Requirements.

    Corporate Takeover

    Lynda has a hold on the cooperative and will not allow the farm to revert to previous owners. However, Our World Foods is not actually interested in the location but rather the growth practices after passing the Ministry’s inspection. After holding out OWF will grow tired of boardroom politics, instead sending in a Corporate Security Fire Team.
    The four man team will disguise themselves as members of the IO360 destroying the farm and spray painting the building as they steal the facility computers. During the raid the Fire Team will wear refurbished Riot Gear and carry Refurbished Great War Automatic Shotguns.
    Without aid the farm will be destroyed requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.

  • Adventure Seed 4: Radio Faktum

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.

    Radio Faktum

    Setting up

    The set up for this Seed is as easy as turning on the radio. Preferably late at night, you know, when the suits are asleep. The following Seed does not necessarily require the Characters to get involved. This Seed may serve as simply a springboard for other stories or as an oddity within the game world.


    The Voice Of Resistance

    During a late night talk show broadcast the host returns from commercial break with a very different agenda. Dropping the delay they begin covering the same news story they had talked about before the break, only this time they slice away what was spin pointing out direct corporate interests and slick naming conventions that skit the truth and what the real implications are. At the end of the report he adds the phrase: Fact Them.
    Immediately afterwards the station drops into commercial. When the the host returns they are apologetic bordering on frantic as they take back everything they’ve said.

    All The News Isn’t Fit

    This trend continues two to three times a week around the same time, different hosts, some even losing their jobs.

    Optional News Stories for Facts

    Violent Protests At Condemned Tenement

    A group of squatters refused to evacuate a condemned apartment building in Little Glasgow before demolitions could begin today. Protests turned violent shortly after police arrived. TPD was able to quell the immigrant uprising with minimal casualties.
    The Facts: Wuldman Investments blocked notifications to residents in the impoverished neighborhood. The Wuldman security team forcibly evicted the residents executing fourteen men and women who put up resistance.

    Lower Tax Revenues Force Local Budget Cuts

    The mayors office released a preliminary budget based on previous quarter earnings. The proposal includes steep cuts to the local offices of the Financial Investigations Committee. In their official statement the mayor’s office assured reporters that the proposed changes will not impact the committee’s effectiveness.
    The Facts: After brokering a deal with Loyal Bank of Beijing the mayor agreed to shift funds away from the local FIC to allow the bank to introduce new test polices in Tiergarten. The regressive policies trade lowered interest rates and service rewards for additional fees and charges hidden in the code.

    New STD Drugs Found to be Safe After Investigation

    The controversial drug Reproxathin has a new study out that shows the notorious green skin side effect occurs in less than half of one percent of all users.
    The Facts: Bio Solutions the manufacturer of Reproxathin has altered the formula post launch to reduce the instances of green skin. The reporting lab is owned by a subsidiary of Bio Solutions.


    What’s inspiring these bouts of truth? A janitor actually.One of the overnight cleaners at the WFCX tower has recently Elucidated. His name is Viktor Stad and he was once a computer analyst until being blackballed for reporting an ethics violation at the company he worked for. Viktor’s Elucidation has granted him the Boons Drive Cracker and Psychic Control. While the Drive Cracker Boon came rather naturally to the ex-programmer it took some time for Viktor to develop his control. Along with this he’s learned to almost completely Suppress his Lucid nature. Viktor uses his time outside of work to gather information then implants the truth as he sees it in the overnight hosts as he’s working. There is no end game for Viktor he is simply hoping to get some truth out over the airwaves. This may go on for some time but without aid from the Characters Victor will eventually be targeted by the Harbingers returning the news to normal.

    Other possible Complications include:
    The Hidden Truth: Viktor begins reporting on Supernatural cover ups. This will accelerate the time before the Harbingers take interest and shut him down. Additional, this may serve as a for Unrest.

    Unrest: Viktor’s message is being heard. Audiopunks begin organizing and protesting based on his broadcasts. This could lead to riots, police crackdowns or even possible martial law. Viktor will of course have hosts report on these events as well.

    Media Shutdown: After several broadcasts and growing Unrest from any of the radio stations in the WFCX tower they are D-Listed by the Governor’s office forcing WFCX of the air. This affects not only the local radio stations housed in WFCX tower but the WFCX television stations as well.

  • Adventure Seed 3: Coven’s Call

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.


    Coven’s Call

    Setting Up

    The following Adventure Seed can be used any time but works best when dealing with a Barony is fresh in the Character’s mind. Having a Dark Lucid among the Player Characters helps but is not required.
    Adventure Seed 1: Keeping An Eye On You can be used to help set up the following seed, especially if any of the Characters were badly wounded.
    Alternatively, this Seed may be used to introduce the Player Characters to each other.



    Each of the Characters receives an email addressed to them from dreamer@neveralonebetweentwoworlds.net.

    Subject: Ever feel like there are 4 ways in and no way out?
    They’ve driven us under their thumbs for too long.
    There’s strength in numbers.
    They don’t have us yet.
    Be ready, we’re here to help.

    A Helping Hand,

    Checking domain reveals little. The site is a static black page with floating ads and news scrolls from WFCX, GloboMaxNews and the Boardsheet.
    A Expert (20) Intelligence Tree Rolls shows that while the sites covers generally the same stories each has clearly different perspectives. WFCX – Fiscal Conservative, GNM – Social Progressive, Broadsheet – Corporate News.
    A Typical (15) Computer Skill Roll shows that neveralonebetweentwoworlds.net is hosted and registered out of Romania through a privacy company, no other information is available.

    Proper Introductions

    The next time the Characters are on the street after receiving the email they are handed fliers for an upcoming event at a local nightclub. The upper half of the flyer is an image of four hands clasping each other in a circle with the title: United. The event showcases bands from related musical genres and promises out of this world drink specials with guest host Dreamer.

    The person passing out fliers just works for the club. The host is some new promoter they hadn’t heard of before.

    Club Night

    There is a line waiting to get into the club come concert night. A woman in her early twenties dressed like a heavy metal pin up works her way through the line pulling people out.

    She reads as a Lucid and will tap any Character that does not have a Suppression Trait greater than their Lucid Trait. She has no issues with bringing friends along.
    Any Character with the Locate Others Boon can pick up that everyone else selected is Lucid as well. There should be several other Lucids selected along with the Player Characters.

    The club is as packed inside as it was on the street. Bands play loudly as they are let into a back room. As the group makes their way through the club she introduces herself as Star stating that the others are waiting.


    The store room pulses with the sound of music from the club. There is little room to walk around in and one man sits on a pallet of boxes. There are three other people waiting when Star Arrives with the others.

    Once everyone arrives the man on the sitting on the boxes introduces himself as Dreamer, along with Star, Moon and Roc. Their proposal is simple. Star has a talent for sniffing out other Lucids. Roc is good on computers. Working together they’ve been trying to track down all the Lucids in Tiergarten not connected to a Barony. Some might be members of other Covens but their goal is to bring everyone that hasn’t “sold their soul” together so they can avoid getting swept up into some nut job scheme.

    GMs should allow the Characters time in this scene to meet people and talk over the idea of a Unity Coven. If this is being used as an introductory adventure one of the Unity members can explain what a Barony. This Scene can also be used to introduce other Lucids in the area the GM may want to involve with stories later or serve to insert rumors and seeds for larger Campaigns.
    Ultimately the way this meeting goes down is up to the Players and GM. (See Complications below.)

    The Unity Coven


    Like the other Unity members Dreamer is in his early twenties. Once an Audiopunk he protested for multiple anti-war causes and at inequality rallies. Elucidating after coming down from a forced injection of amphetamines and hallucination Dreamer saw the Eden Dream as a rallying cry to bring others together. This led to a quick meeting with Roc as he started by posting to forums across the web.


    A sensitive, Star has always been able to feel the presence of Lucids. This led to her abduction and near death at the hands of Harbingers. Escaping she was taken in by Moon and the two have been together ever since. Star has come into her own over the last year as she fights not to live in fear.


    An orphan from an early age Moon moved from foster home to foster home as a child, each worst than the last. As a teen she let go, embracing the terrors that filled her world. While she is still only fifteen she no longer has a legal guardian nor does she talk about why. Moon is the youngest member of the Coven but more often than not acts as the voice of reason.


    A computer programmer Roc was caught in a Wild Hunt ending in his Elucidation and eventual escape. Roc is not good in social situations and isn’t a fan of Dreamer’s Unity idea but he respects the idea and for that reason he’s stayed with Dreamer because of that.


    The following Complications can be used to build on the Unity Scene of Coven’s Call. GMs should select the Complications that fit their Campaign.
    Note: Not all Complications can be used together.

    Alternate Motivations

    One or more of the Unity members has ulterior motives. Some ideas include:
    Dreamer:  Megalomania. Yes, it’s as simple as power.  Dreamer has always been a victim and he sees the Baronies as the prefect foil to build his own personal army of Lucids.  This is something that shouldn’t be readily apparent it is only as the strength of Unity grows does he become more obsessed with power.  This may lead him into direct conflict with the Church of Unua.

    Star: Sleeper. Never actually escaping the Harbingers Star is a sleeper agent. Playing Moon and Dreamer off each other she manipulates the coven for the Harbinger’s agenda. This works especially well  with if Dreamer if he’s only in it for Power. In this scenario she will drive him and the Coven towards conflict with the Unuans.

    Moon: Protectionism. Moon really believes in the ideals of Unity only for her it goes much further. Seeing Unity as a power to insulate the weak, Lucid or otherwise she will drive the Coven towards taking control of homeless shelters and child care faculties. She sees no issue in killing any that stand in the way regardless of intention . If they wont fall in line, then they will fall.

    Roc:  Fear. While he’ll never admit it Roc is petrified of the Baronies and what they might do.  If Roc has his way it is a path of isolationism,  and abandonment. He would see every member of Unity cut off all contact with the outside world that can be traced. He is a voice of discontent and a constant reminder that someone could always be watching.


    Invisible Hands

    While the Unity Coven is a nice idea it’s hardly an original one. One of the Baronies is actually manipulating the Coven behind the scenes.

    The Church of Unua: Lucids that undrstnad the destructive power of a physical gate quickly learn to fear the Unuans.  By removing the religious trappings of the Barony they are able to create a splinter cell.  This pairs well with Moon’s alternate motivation.

    The Harbingers:  The Unity coven is a convenient tool for the Harbingers to evaluate Dark Lucids for collection. Unless Star’s alternate motivation is being used the Harbingers are likely to stay as hands off as possible except to serve as paper tigers reminding the Coven why they stay together.

  • Adventure Seed 2: Face Jacking

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.

    Face Jacking

    Setting Up

    Cosmetics aren’t even skin deep, body sculpting can make you beautiful from the inside out. Some people take this to the extreme taking on absurd or animalistic features in the name of high fashion. Others emulate the current crop of stars or the greats that never seem to fade away. Like anything else people seem to be able to turn a trend into an obsession. There are half a dozen or more names for them, Plastic-Freaks and Fashionatrix being the two most common. Facing Holly in LA is a rather notorious night spot that allows only A-Listers, and their best Fashionatrixs.

    Before beginning this Seed, GMs may make a point of highlighting this high fashion subculture. This may be as simple as a pair of Marilyn Monroes walking down the street, an advertisement for a new sculpting clinic or a new Facing Holly opening in the Campaign City.



    Diamonds Aren’t Forever

    Abdul McKenzie’s Fine Jewels is the first to be robbed. Eight women in urban military armor siege the building after disabling the alarm systems. Using riot grenades and heavy pistols they secured the display room taking only the display cases and any worn jewelry. In just under two minutes the women are out of the building.

    Following the robbery at Abdul’s there are three more attacks over the following month, different districts, different women, same tactics. After the fourth attack the IDC (International Diamond Consortium) offer a substantial reward to any person or persons that can provide information leading to the capture of this gang with an actual bounty of twice the amount.
    The full Bounty is worth 50 CP of Temporary Wealth (This is a total reward and would need to be divided up.)

    Bullets and Ballet

    Two weeks after the IDC’s bounty the gang strikes again. This time targeting a visiting USC Ballet troupe that is scheduled to perform Amore Ricchezza e il Cavallo. They attack several hours before the show targeting the dancers.


    The Face Jumpers

    While each robbery may appear to involve different women the gang consists of 10 women, all of them either former Mercs or Corporate Security and two Xors. After each robbery they have Sculpted new looks. GMs may wish to give the Face Jumpers 20 additional Experience to vary their skills. Here are short descriptions of key members:


    Demetria – Merc (The Old Gun): A former member of the Silver Eagle Company Demetria chose to leave the company after an explosion forced her to have a leg replaced. Demetria is cold, calculating and deadly. Multiple members of her squad left with Demetria. She is the brains behind the Face Jumpers.
    Silver Eagle Company: Minka, Lucy, Cameron, Drew, Anne (Xor)


    Jacklyn – Corporate Security: Ex-IDC procurer Jacklyn led a four man fire team for boarder crossings and black trade operations. While Jacklyn was contacted by Demetria for the Face Jumpers she holds no loyalty outside her own fire team. Should a better deal come along she would be quick to cut an run.
    IDC Procurement Team: Kate, Cheryl, Forsythe (Xor)


    Forsythe – Xor: One of the two team hackers Forsythe is also the lady with the connections. It’s Forsythe that will make the deal to move the diamonds and jewelry when their run is up. If she can find a way, she will cut and run. Forsythe is no idiot though and the opportunity would have to be rock solid.


    Dr. Hicks: While not a member of the Face Jumpers Hicks is the Body Sculpt Doc who has performed all their surgeries. Hicks once served with Demetria before retiring but remains extremely loyal to the woman. Although, he is not willing to sacrifice his life or practice for her.


    Looks Like I did It

    The women recycle faces and are fond of using the appearances of any investigators that may be looking into the crimes. If there are female members of the Coven there is a high chance that the next robbery will involve their look alike.


    Barony Bait

    With the Gang of Ten being all ex-military or close to it, they are prime targets for integration by the Templar. This likely would take the form of contacting the Gang for work and possibly trying to force Elucidations on them.


    End Game

    In the week following the Ballet job Forsythe will work his contacts in a bidding war. Once they have a buyer the Face Jumpers will arrange the deal somewhere inside the Campaign City then retire going their separate ways.

  • Adventure Seed 1: Keeping An Eye On You

    Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.


    Keeping An Eye On You


    Setting Up:

    This seed can be planted after any event in which one or more of the Characters uses a Supernatural ability. This can be virtually anything and in an ongoing campaign could easily serve as an end cap to another adventure.
    As an introductory seed we provide the following Trigger Event:


    While out the Characters find themselves caught in a clash between the Red and Black and the IO360 two of the larger gangs in Tiergarten. In addition to the normal gear carried by a Ganger two members of the Red and Black is toting a Street Greaser and one of the IO360 has gotten their hands on a Refurbished Great War Automatic Shotgun. Both sides are taking the spray and pray approach to matters and the Characters are caught in the middle.
    Neither gang has any particular interest in the bystanders but wont hesitate to shoot anyone feeling brave that day. There should be 2 to 4 more Gangers than Player Characters. This clash between the gangs can happen anywhere, some possible locations include grocery stores, night clubs or just out on the street. The shoot out should put the Characters in the crossfire.

    The Red and Black

    The Red and Black believe in national pride and going for a paramilitary or police appearance. Favorite pastimes include firebombing Asian markets or ASA chain stores harassing people on the street and starting fights in clubs.


    Comprised of ASA military brats and Ex-Pats the IO360 originally formed out of a need to protect themselves from groups like the Red and Black. Years later they are known for their ability to acquire military grade hardware for the right buyers.


    Dog Days

    One or more of the Characters has been targeted by the Keepers of the Unbound World. Dispatching a team of two Dogs the investigators will keep their distance monitoring the Characters. If possibly the Dogs will remain in an armored Luxury Sedan leaving the safety of the vehicle only if absolutely necessarily.

    The Dogs monitor the Characters for two weeks. Each day that passes have the Characters make Sense Tree rolls. An average Stealth Roll for the Dogs’ is 28.
    If spotted the Dogs will immediately flee.
    If trapped by the Characters they will attempt to keep them at bay while radioing for back-up. They will not willing divulge who they are or who they work for. Although they may appear to be detectives (Street Smarts Target 15).
    The Dogs will not allow themselves to be taken alive.

    Filing The Report

    Through the course of their investigation the Dogs report back to the Keepers.

    If the Characters take any aggressive actions, display any Supernatural abilities in this time, or attempt to make contact with the Dogs (regardless of outcome) go to Event: Not of This World.
    If the Characters do not display any of the above qualities the Keepers will reassign the Dogs to a new case.

    Not of This World

    While the Characters may have done nothing but defend themselves they have been deemed a possible threat by the Keepers and slated for execution.

    The Keepers have assigned a hit team consisting of 1 Dog for each Player Character +1 for each display of Supernatural ability during the investigation up to 4 additional members. The team is lead by a Pain In The Ass Cop.
    The Keepers are not opposed to collateral damage but rarely employ tools such as explosives unless the damage can be kept to a minimum, such as a car bomb. Instead they will attempt to target the Characters when they are exposed and with as few bystanders as possible.
    GMs if you wish to increase the difficulty of this encounter consider converting the Pain In The Ass Cop into a Lucid giving them 25 Lucid Points and changing their Other trait to Lucid.
    The Keepers are not the type to sacrifice men lightly. They will have multiple evacuation points and will attempt to flee if they take 3 or more casualties.


    Assuming the Player Characters survive their encounter with the Keepers the Barony will take a more distanced approach not wanting to sacrifice additional resources. The Keepers will monitor the Characters from a greater distance logging their abilities.


    Ultimately, when the Keepers set their sights on someone they will end up dead. They are devoted to protecting the earth from Supernatural threats and escaping a hit squad only reinforces that idea that the Characters cannot be allowed to live.
    Should they continue to “pose a threat” to the Unbound World the Keepers may attempt another strike. This may come at a time when the Characters are wounded or in particularly poor defensive positions.
    One possible way out of this may be to try and negotiate services with the Keepers. The Players should be wary of any type of Aid for Immunity deals, it wouldn’t be out of the question though for the Keepers to assign the most dangerous targets to the Characters as they are expendable.