Fractured Kingdom At Dragon*Con

This year at Dragon*Con we will be running 6 introductory games in Non-Campaign gaming based on the Adventure Seeds series. These games are designed to give new players a sense of the world and what it means to be Lucid.

Game times:

Fri 1 PM (Session 2)
Fri 6 PM (Session 3)
Sat 1 PM (Session 6)
Sat 6 PM (Session 7)
Sun 1 PM (Session 10)
Sun 6 PM (Session 11)


Adventure Seed 1: Keeping An Eye OnYou

Adventure Seed 2: Face Jacking

Adventure Seed 3: Coven’s Call

Adventure Seed 4: Radio Faktum

Adventure Seed 5: Botanical Uncooperative

Adventure Seed 6: Succession!


Gaming events registration can be found here: