Chatham House 5: Nikogda Volya

The Chatham House articles discuss people that may be inserted into campaigns as ready made NPCs to add flavor or detail to your world. The character’s discussed in the Chatham House often have ties to various organizations, Baronies, Corporations, Governments, but operate outside the normal protocols.

Head of TK Excavation Security, Nikogda is also suspected to lead a grey team used by Thalberg-Koertig to remove unwanted personnel. While corporate politics rarely makes a difference in the day to day lives of those living outside the Arcology it puts Nikogda in a very unique position.

Nikogda has access.Simple enough, this is a woman that can go anywhere in TK controlled space and never be questioned, or even given a second glance. The truth behind her being the one to literally sack employees may or may not be true, but in the guided upper levels rumor is all you need.

What of course does this mean to everyone else? Well, like everyone else, Nikogda has her price. There was once another rumor that she was sold an automatic rifle design to a competitor. Four mid-level developers, that were linked to the start of this rumor disappeared over the course of the following month.

There have also been stories that she’s hired temporary staff for security details at events in the Arcology, presentations, operas, or other performances when she would normally have no involvement. Who would question her or her troops though?

Nikogda knows how to keep secrets, and play within the margins. For years she’s been learning just how far her boundaries go and what she can do within them. She’s not cruel, or threatening, relying more on her reputation while remaining polite. In a pinch though she is an explosive fighter in her own right should she ever have the need to deal with a threat directly. Her marksmanship is legendary and she is a skilled close quarter combatant relying on easily concealed monowhips. This of course only adds \to her reputation as executive assassin.

Story Seeds:
In some campaigns the TK Arcology may be just part of the city’s skyline. In others there may never be a reason to leave their protected walls. However, should your game fall between the lines then Nikogda may become a very good person to know. Story lines involving corporate espionage, smuggling, or even just trying to see a show in the Arcology could involve Nikogda.

Alternatively, she may take on the roll of benefactor as PCs fall under her legitimate employ or as an antagonist should they ever make enough noise to upset the CEO and board at Thalberg-Koertig.