Chatham House 4: Murdoch “Mud Face” MacLeish

The Chatham House articles discuss people that may be inserted into campaigns as ready made NPCs to add flavor or detail to your world. The character’s discussed in the Chatham House often have ties to various organizations, Baronies, Corporations, Governments, but operate outside the normal protocols.

Want a week in someone else’s body? Be skinny, fat, angel or demon Mud Face is an artist that sees the beauty in everything. Once a licencee doctor Murdoch MacLeish went underground after he was charged with implanting patients with time released botchulism bombs to keep them coming back for touch ups. A master of body sculpting even knowing his reputation couldn’t dissuade his most serious clients.

Strangely going underground seemed to bring in more clients. Something about the mad artist and getting to play shady dealings when everyone knew he was just a glorified plastic surgeon. Some clients would go so far as to let their botchulism bombs go off just for signature proof of where they got their work done.

Other clients like to release the artist. Meaning allowing Murdoch free reign on their looks. Ever see a woman with four inch horns of wrapped flesh, a Hannya smile, and a ten thousand dollar dress, no need to guess where she gets her work done.

Murdoch keeps his operations mobile and is never without a host of well armed guards. More than once a client has come to him thinking the ‘botchulism thing’ was just a joke, and there’s no medical malpractice suits against a man who technically hasn’t done anything. Although, Murdoch isn’t the only doctor to keep a TKA Auto 10 under his medical robe.

Story Seeds:
Need to disappear without leaving the city, or just get out of your skin and into someone else’s for a few days, Murdoch’s you man.

Alternatively Murdoch can serve as a protagonist or antagonist, either recruiting the Characters to collect on debts or being hired to repay the body sculptor for a botch job.