Tainted Souls 3: The Grave

Tainted Souls explores the unspoken costs of Lucidity. The physical or mental changes brought on by becoming Lucid and how that may impact their lives and the people around them.

Dead but not gone, well maybe. The question that most epitomizes the Grave Lucid is this, are they dead, alive, or something in between? Grave Elucidations vary greatly from orgasmic heights to the act of dying. His does not help to settle any arguments within the Lucid community over their nature.

Sometimes referred to as the dead or zombies a Grave Lucid’s Manifestation generally reflect these traits. Sunken eyes, rotting skin, putrid breath all these traits are common with Grave Lucids. Or as common as the Lucid are. There are other less physical Manifestations. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for plants to wither slightly cheap electronics might flicker with power drain when the Lucid is excited or in pain.

The Grave Lucid is a conduit to the void, the place where the memories of what’s been lost. Hearing the faintest whispers of a dead relative or a smell that someone close enough might remember. These little touches of the Grave unnerve people in a way no skin condition can.

Personnel Manifestations like that or show stoppers such as the withering aura and flickering lights should get extra scrutiny from GMs. Be careful how these Manifestations apply, as with other Manifestations, these are lingering reminders the Character is no longer human. Not just a tool to look cool.