Land Of Confusion 3: The PPB Channels

Land of Confusion explores what it’s like to live on Earth 2202.

Media is cheap. It was even before the Great War. Anyone off the streets with a recorder and a PINT (Personal Interface and Networking Terminal) can turn themselves into a reporter. This fact was critically useful during the Purge as traditional media outlets were targeted by the Church. Also, before the war the lines between traditional television networks, news, and blogs were eroding. Really, the line between the interment and television was disappearing. The Purge only expedited what was already occurring.

Within five years of the Church’s collapse the UN signed a charter with three of the remaining media conglomerates creating the PPB or Public Private Channels. Today the PPB consist of over three hundred and growing channels and growing. Each channel is dedicated to a single topic with content provided by common citizens.

Of course there are still screening processes but with a bit of commitment and a healthy dose of charisma just about anyone can end up with a show on the PPB. Those that are popular enough move up to the networks. There are thousands of shows that drift through the PPB few of them survive for very long but some are elevated and have survived for many seasons.

Some of the current shows on network to have come out of the PPB include:

The Ballard Report: Reportage on various corporations. Each week provides in depth analysis of one company. The Ballard report has come under fire several times for showing favoritism to sponsors and donors however, there are no laws against infotainment.

Clamjaw: One of the oldest shows on the PPB. Clamjaw is the take of a lonely raven in the Post War Wastes. Common antagonists include Jackbooted rats wearing Pickelhaubes (German Spiked Helmets) and Slick suited Calico cats in dune buggies. Often episodes of Clamjaw have distinct social or political messages even though the main character never actually speaks. While Clamjaw has been on air for nearly fifty years almost noting is known about the producers of the show. Clamjaw has very few doters and despite their venerable history has never made the transition to network.

Mash: The Metal Show!: A hodgepodge of different vignettes Mash highlights videos from various clubs and underground music events. Videos are submitted by anyone and compiled by Mixmaster Elmo who narrates and walks viewers through the theme of the show. The current buzz puts Mash going Network in the next Season picks.

Smash Sumo Classic Bash: This show follows Hungry Takimunch as he battles evil dieters and self image issues. The show often lampoons fad diets and endorses eating whatever you want. There are surgeries if you need to slim down. Smash Sumo is sponsored in part by Coalition of Associated Cosmetics Surgeons and Ulmato, makers of Crispy DM: The eight loss crisp.