Land Of Confusion 2: Happy Yá Chĭ

Land of Confusion explores what it’s like to live on Earth 2202.

Internationally recognized by the smiling tooth Charlie Happy, Happy Yá Chĭ is a Chinese and Southern fast food restaurant. Serving up American/Chinese fusion dishes such as hot and spicy fried hamburger rolls with sour cream, and Buckwheat noodle fried chicken strips. Happy Yá Chĭ is deep fried soft and chewy with a crunch.

Their mascot Charlie Happy, a long tooth with thin arms and gloved hands, welcoems people across the twenty six different countries. Kid’s meals come with Charlie Happy toys such as Charlie Action Happy wearing a combat turnout and carrying an assault rifle.

Each Toy is bendable and can be connected to a game console or PINT to unlock that action figures “Number Power” in the virtual game Jade and Ivory Yá Chĭ which puts players in colorful worlds with childlike avatars fighting anime styled monsters and gaining health and power ups from Happy Yá Chĭ products. Charlie Action Happy gave players “S12N16” Jungle Invisibility Power.

Collect your Happy Charlies, eat your Happy Yá Chĭ, and play Jade and Ivory Yá Chĭ and you’ll always be Happy!