Character Templates Part 6: The Gambler

Forget the ten hour shifts and the slaving away for the company dime. There’s another way, if you’re willing to take the risk. As long as there has been money there have been people willing to gamble with it.

In the cold reality of the modern world the odds are never on your side. That doesn’t stop people from gambling though. Many modern cities have red light districts or open areas where morality laws have been relaxed, or are simply ignored. Of course that’s for the people that laws actually apply too. Who’s going to stop a circle of executives from playing a friendly game, swapping what used to be called insider information for their wagers? Of course, that’s not real money right?


History 6 Strength 3 Dexterity 5
Skills: (Converted Points For Fortune) Skills:
BG: Pro Gambler 6 Sleight of Hand 4
BG: Street ScumĀ  2 Stealth 4
Lucid 6
Contact: Someone All Mobbed Up 1
Constitution 8 Senses 5
Skills: Skills:
Running 7 Perception 4
Specialty: Spotting Liars 4
Fortune 6 Wisdom 5 Intelligence 4
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Gambling 5 Historic Study: Gambler’s & Games 4 Firearms 2
Intuition 4 Street Smarts 4 Forgery 1
Traits: Law 2
Gambler’s Knack 3 Logic & Math 3
Mental 5 Expression 5
Skills: Skills:
Meditation 2 Subterfuge 5
(Converted Points For Intelligence) Specialty: Poker Face 3


The Gambler knows all the odds, the best hands and picks up on all those little details you might try to hide. Charming and deceptive they know when to cut and run. If it comes down to it the Gambler does know how to use a gun and can easily hide a hold out pistol on their person.