Combat Styles Part 5: The Storm Lord

While the Dark Lucid channels the horrors of the Dark the Verdant is bound to the primal forces. Their connection with the land gives them strength. Most give in to the bestial aspect of the Verdant others learn to harness the powers of nature itself.

The Storm Lord embodies classic divine power. Th weather warps to their will and the power of lighting rolls from their finger tips. Of course, we have to learn before we learn to call down the thunder, or however that works out.

Nature Sense – Verdant
With a sniff of the air or touch of the ground, the character knows the world around them. Tricks such as dowsing or predicting the weather come to the Verdant Lucid as second nature.

Craft Elements: (Various) – Verdant
Funneling the forces of the Verdant Realm, the Lucid is able to create any of the five basic elements.
Using Craft Elements: When selecting this boon, the player chooses one element to be aligned with, halving the cost to craft this element over the remaining four. The character may create a sphere or cube of Wind, Fire, Water, Stone, or Plant Matter. NOTE: Unless contained, Water will drain, Wind will expand, and Fire will extinguish without a source of combustible material.

Control Elements – Verdant
As the character’s skill improves, they learn ways to shape and manipulate the five basic elements with a touch.

These first three Boons align the Verdant Lucid with the natural forces around them. While not entirely focused even their basic control over the elements allows them to alter the world around them in dramatic ways.

Control Weather – Verdant
Expanding their reach the character may now create weather anomalies centered on them.
Using Control Weather: The character may create any weather effect short of a tropical storm around them. This includes rain, a dry pocket within a storm, mist, fog, heat, or cold. Anyone within range of this boon may suffer as they deal with the harsh weather conditions.

Storm Lord – Verdant
As the character’s mastery over the environment continues to grow, they are able to direct bolts of lightning.
Using Storm Lord: The character may strike anyone in their line of sight within the area of Controlled Weather with bolts of lightning. These lightning strikes may come from the clouds above or from the electricity in the air near the center of the storm.

With a small investment, it’s as simple as that. Of course, this is only a stepping off point. While they lack the raw damage of the Black Archer there are multiple Boons that can aid the Storm Lord.

Weather Witch – Verdant
No longer limited to small areas, the Verdant Lucid may manipulate the weather over huge swaths of land.
Using Weather Witch: The character may increase the area effected by their Control Weather Boon<

Fatal Precision: Storm Lord – Mundane
Practice leads to perfection, and skill with weapons is no exception.

The addition of the Weather Witch Boon allows the Storm Lord to significantly increase their range while the Fatal Precision Boon increases the Strength of the Storm Lord’s lighting.

Overall the Storm Lord mixes strong area control abilities with solid long range damage. While their raw damage may not match the Black Archer’s the Storm Lord’s Weather Control is able to quickly lock down foes impeding their movement and combat effectiveness.

In the next Combat Styles we cut to the chase with the Blade Master.