Character Templates Part 5: The Broker

Companies deal with electric cash and digital exchanges. Down below real people deal in street value. Yeah, everyone takes cash, but if you’ve got a stash of F-Cells and need to score some major firepower well, maybe you don’t need cash.

The Broker is half way between a pawn shop owner and job recruiter. Adept at deal making and knowing just who to talk to the Broker is the man to talk to when you need to get things done.



The Broker

History 6 Strength 5 Dexterity 3
Skills: (Converted Points For History) Skills:
BG: Man in the middle 6 Dodge 3
Career: Broker 2 (Converted Points For Intelligence)
Lucid 6
Contact: One Gang Contact 3
Contact: Money Launderer 2
Constitution 3 Senses 5
Skills: Skills:
Running 3 Perception 4
(Converted Points For Exprssion) Specialty: Finding Flaws 4
Fortune 5 Wisdom 5 Intelligence 5
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Bargain Finder 5 Area Knowledge:  Tiergarten 3 Firearms 3
Gambling 3 Street Smarts 5 Forgery 5
Law 2
Mental 5 Expression 6
Skills: Skills:
Intimidation 4 Etiquette 2
Negotiations 4 Subterfuge 5
Wit: Art of the Deal 2


With their focus on getting the best possible deals the Broker is a nightmare to haggle with and have connections most people never want to meet. Should push come to shove they can defend themselves and can navigate the back allies as well any of the street scum that live there.

In the next Character Template we’ll look at the Gambler.