Adventure Seed 5: Botanical Uncooperative

Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.

Botanical Uncooperative

Setting Up

The following Seed can happen at any time. GMs may want to foreshadow the Seed with events like rising food prices and raids on grocery stores or delivery trucks. These events don’t need to happen directly before the start of Botanical Uncooperative but help set the current tone of the city.
GMs wishing to run a delivery truck raid while the PCs are present should use the standard Cargo Transport and Trailer, possible with a reinforced body if this is not the first raid. The driver uses the Smuggler template and the rioters are a mix of Gangers, Scavs and a lot of Crazies.


Fluff Piece

There is a short spot on WFCX on the 185th Street Community Cooperative. The article talks about how community organizers rallied local tenets to purchase and maintain a hydroponic farm closed the previous year. The 185 was inspired after the abandoned farm had been converted into a cheap narcotics factory using the left over equipment. A year later the 185th Street Botanical Cooperative produces the best all-natural organic foods in the district. With a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables the tenets of 185 have opened up the cooperative to the public selling produce at dirt cheap rates or bartering for services and equipment.

The news article may serve as a lead in for Characters looking to save some cash or become involved with the community.
While at the cooperative Characters will sense another Lucid from time to time. Those with the Locate Others Boon can track this to Linda Four (See Community Calling).

War of Words

Following the WGCX news report the farm’s previous owners will begin to take interest. More headlines will begin to crop up around the 185th Street Cooperative.
The Ministry of Food Safety has begun an investigation into the 185th Street Cooperative’s working environmental.
185 One of the cleanest Farms in the City.
Litigation from produce manufacturer Our World Foods begins alleging that the 185th Street Cooperative was purchased illegally.
Our World Foods to initiate talks to reacquire the 185th Street Farm.
185 Representative says Let the Courts Decide to OWF buyout offer.

What’s not being reported is the growing tensions in the community around the cooperative. Black sedans drive up parking, no on ever gets out and if anyone comes to question them the car moves on.

Community Calling

As the tensions begin to rise (this may happen during the War of Words) one of the community organizers, Linda Four, will make a public speech on the merits of community and benefits the tenets of 185 have seen over the last year.

Linda is a talk slender woman, her hair is kept in a flat iron multicolored bob, although her dress is relatively plain. What is most striking about the woman is her green on green eyes.
Sound bites of this speech may be televised.
Character’s seeing Linda may make a Wisdom Tree roll versus an Average (15) Target. Her eyes are not cosmetic augmentation, looking at her those who know the signs can see that she is Lucid.


Behind The Scenes

The harvest, while not chemically altered is a product of Lynda’s supernatural tampering.


Two possible motivations for Lynda’s actions:
Lynda comes from a poor family. Seeing the opportunity she pushed for the acquisition of the farm and hopes that the Verdant forces she has infused the farm with will allow people that would normally go hungry to eat well.
Lynda is a sleeper agent of the Green Ones. The cooperative is being used as a screening agent for potential new members.

Recruiting the Player Characters

Lynda suspects Our World Foods will try something at the cooperative but doesn’t know what shape that will take. If the Characters reveal themselves to her she will likely try and recruit them to aid in defending the farm as her powers center around growing plants, she possesses the Harvest Blessing Boon and it’s Requirements.

Corporate Takeover

Lynda has a hold on the cooperative and will not allow the farm to revert to previous owners. However, Our World Foods is not actually interested in the location but rather the growth practices after passing the Ministry’s inspection. After holding out OWF will grow tired of boardroom politics, instead sending in a Corporate Security Fire Team.
The four man team will disguise themselves as members of the IO360 destroying the farm and spray painting the building as they steal the facility computers. During the raid the Fire Team will wear refurbished Riot Gear and carry Refurbished Great War Automatic Shotguns.
Without aid the farm will be destroyed requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.