Character Templates Part 4: The Sewer Rat

The streets are war zones filled to capacity with psychotics, thieves and murderers and that’s just talking about the cops. The rich escape to the TK Arcology or some other safe haven floating between buildings on private helicopters and they took any real protection with them. There’s no security anymore, you’re as likely to get shot as you are to be able to hail a taxi in some districts. Those in the know, they go below.

The sewer system long predates modern Tiergarten with miles of abandoned tunnels and passages that have been forgotten. Down here you can get anywhere. There are even small communities of what the city people would call transients but down here they have homes. Yeah, there are Scavs, Gangers and others that try to stake claims below but few last long. No, if you want to avoid the chaos above, and can stand the smell this is how to see the city. Just avoid the new tunnels, Waste Management doesn’t have a problem disposing of bodies and have a fast way to deal with any unauthorized personnel.

Each Template assumes the Character is a New Lucid and spends only the Character Creation Points for their Trees. This leaves Players their Experience and Lucid Points to customize and add unique qualities to the Character.


The Sewer Rat

History 6 Strength 5 Dexterity 5
Skills: Skills: Skills:
BG: Sewer Rat 5 Heavy Melee 2 Acrobatics  2
Career: Sewage Treatment Engineer 2 (Speiclaty) Close Quarters 2 Dodge 2
Traits: Climbing 2 Stealth 2
Lucid 6
Contact: Pawn Broker 2
Constitution 3 Senses 5
Skills: Skills:
Running 2 Perception 3
(Specialty) Parkour 1 Scrounging 5
Swimming 2
Hold Breath 1
Fortune 5 Wisdom 3 Intelligence 5
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Bargain Finder 5  Area Knowledge: Sewers 3 Firearms 2
Gambling 3 Domestic 1 Distraction 2
(Specialty) Appraise Food 1 Lock Picking 2
Street Smarts 1
Mental 6 Expression 5
Skills: Skills:
Intimidation 1 Subterfuge 3
(Specialty) Resist Intimidation 1 Wit, Negotitation 5
Meditation 3


To survive the sewers the Rat needs to be able to negotiate the rough terrain, and do so without bringing a lot of attention to themselves. Also because they make to make the most out of what they find they tend to be shrewd negotiators with at least some connections in the city to flog their wares.

Next Character Template we look at these Brokers and the merchants that just don’t care where something came from.