Adventure Seed 4: Radio Faktum

Adventure Seeds explores the setting of Fractured Kingdom providing story ideas for new Players and GMs that introduce them to the world. Each Seed is designed for fast play over one or two game sessions.

Radio Faktum

Setting up

The set up for this Seed is as easy as turning on the radio. Preferably late at night, you know, when the suits are asleep. The following Seed does not necessarily require the Characters to get involved. This Seed may serve as simply a springboard for other stories or as an oddity within the game world.


The Voice Of Resistance

During a late night talk show broadcast the host returns from commercial break with a very different agenda. Dropping the delay they begin covering the same news story they had talked about before the break, only this time they slice away what was spin pointing out direct corporate interests and slick naming conventions that skit the truth and what the real implications are. At the end of the report he adds the phrase: Fact Them.
Immediately afterwards the station drops into commercial. When the the host returns they are apologetic bordering on frantic as they take back everything they’ve said.

All The News Isn’t Fit

This trend continues two to three times a week around the same time, different hosts, some even losing their jobs.

Optional News Stories for Facts

Violent Protests At Condemned Tenement

A group of squatters refused to evacuate a condemned apartment building in Little Glasgow before demolitions could begin today. Protests turned violent shortly after police arrived. TPD was able to quell the immigrant uprising with minimal casualties.
The Facts: Wuldman Investments blocked notifications to residents in the impoverished neighborhood. The Wuldman security team forcibly evicted the residents executing fourteen men and women who put up resistance.

Lower Tax Revenues Force Local Budget Cuts

The mayors office released a preliminary budget based on previous quarter earnings. The proposal includes steep cuts to the local offices of the Financial Investigations Committee. In their official statement the mayor’s office assured reporters that the proposed changes will not impact the committee’s effectiveness.
The Facts: After brokering a deal with Loyal Bank of Beijing the mayor agreed to shift funds away from the local FIC to allow the bank to introduce new test polices in Tiergarten. The regressive policies trade lowered interest rates and service rewards for additional fees and charges hidden in the code.

New STD Drugs Found to be Safe After Investigation

The controversial drug Reproxathin has a new study out that shows the notorious green skin side effect occurs in less than half of one percent of all users.
The Facts: Bio Solutions the manufacturer of Reproxathin has altered the formula post launch to reduce the instances of green skin. The reporting lab is owned by a subsidiary of Bio Solutions.


What’s inspiring these bouts of truth? A janitor actually.One of the overnight cleaners at the WFCX tower has recently Elucidated. His name is Viktor Stad and he was once a computer analyst until being blackballed for reporting an ethics violation at the company he worked for. Viktor’s Elucidation has granted him the Boons Drive Cracker and Psychic Control. While the Drive Cracker Boon came rather naturally to the ex-programmer it took some time for Viktor to develop his control. Along with this he’s learned to almost completely Suppress his Lucid nature. Viktor uses his time outside of work to gather information then implants the truth as he sees it in the overnight hosts as he’s working. There is no end game for Viktor he is simply hoping to get some truth out over the airwaves. This may go on for some time but without aid from the Characters Victor will eventually be targeted by the Harbingers returning the news to normal.

Other possible Complications include:
The Hidden Truth: Viktor begins reporting on Supernatural cover ups. This will accelerate the time before the Harbingers take interest and shut him down. Additional, this may serve as a for Unrest.

Unrest: Viktor’s message is being heard. Audiopunks begin organizing and protesting based on his broadcasts. This could lead to riots, police crackdowns or even possible martial law. Viktor will of course have hosts report on these events as well.

Media Shutdown: After several broadcasts and growing Unrest from any of the radio stations in the WFCX tower they are D-Listed by the Governor’s office forcing WFCX of the air. This affects not only the local radio stations housed in WFCX tower but the WFCX television stations as well.