Character Templates Part 3: The Scavenger

It’s time to get out of the city and look at what we’ve lost. The Great War ravaged the world leaving wide swaths of dead or desolate land known as the Wastes. Few willing live in the Wastes, yet there are some small communities hoping to escape the constant scrutiny of the cities, gangs preying on those that venture out without taking proper security even wild beasts that have adapted to the harsh environmental.

Now might be a good time to ask why anyone would linger or even want to live in such a desolate environment and the answer is simple. Amidst the rubble and ruin are relics from before the Great War. Pieces of history that were scourged in the brief time the Recamiers held the world in a theocratic strangle hold. It is for these lost treasures that Scavengers or Scavs as they are commonly known risk the dangers of the Wastes. There is more than one urban legend about a Scav making their fortune on nothing more than a truck load of toasters or the data from a clothing manufacturer’s dress designs.

Each Template assumes the Character is a New Lucid and spends only the Character Creation Points for their Trees. This leaves Players their Experience and Lucid Points to customize and add unique qualities to the Character.


The Scav


History 6 Strength 4 Dexterity 4
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Career: Scav 3 Climbing 2 Dodge 1
BG: Tent City Resident 3 Lift 2 Melee 2
Traits: Pack Mule 3 (S) Weapons of opportunity 1
Lucid 6 Vehicle 1
Contact: Smuggler 3
Constitution 5 Senses 6
Skills: Skills:
Fasting 4 Perception 2
(Specialty) Water Conservation 4 Scrounging 5
Fortune 5 Wisdom 5 Intelligence 3
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Bargain Finder 5 Domestic 1 Exotic Weapons 2
Gambling 3 Geography: Wastes 4 Firearms 2
Street Smarts 1 Lock Picking 2
Maintenance: Vehicles 2
Maintenance : Choose One 1
Mental 3 Expression 5
Skills: Skills:
Negotiations 2 Subterfuge 4
(Converted Points for Intelligence) Wit: Street Deals 4

The Scav has two general focuses in their Skills, surviving in the Wastes and making the most off of anything they find while out there. Should they find themselves in a punch up the Scav can handle just about any weapon out there from a broken chair leg to a old embanked artillery.

In our next Character Template we continue to skirt the city heading underground with the Sewer Rat.