Character Templates Part 1: The Street Kid & The Psychiatrist

Not everyone wants to take the time customize every aspect of their Character. They just want to jump into the action and start playing. To help facilitate this we are beginning a new series of Character Template articles. These templates cover a Character’s core Characteristics to fit a concept.

Each Template assumes the Character is a New Lucid and spends only the Character Creation Points for their Trees. This leaves Players their Experience and Lucid Points to customize and add unique qualities to the Character.

In this initial article we’re offering up 2 Templates; “The Street Kid” an extremely common sight in the Megapolitian Future and “The Psychiatrist” a follow up to our recent Unconventional Combatant piece.

The Street Kid


History 6 Strength 3 Dexterity 3
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Background: Born on the Streets 4 Brutal Fighting 3 Dodge 1
Background: Living Off The Grid 3 (Specialty) Dirty Fighting 2 Melee 1
Traits: Climbing 3 Sleight Of Hand 2
Lucid 6 Stealth 2
Contact (Choose One) 2
Constitution 5 Sense 4
Skills: Skills
Fasting 2 Perception 2
Movement: Running 6 Scrounging 3
(Specialty) Find Food 2
Fortune 5 Wisdom 4 Intelligence 4
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Bargain Finder 4 Area Knowledge: Campaign City Slums 2 Firearms 3
Gambling 4 Domestic 1 Lock Picking 2
Street Smarts 4 Maintenance: Basic Electronics 2
Mental 5 Expression 4
Skills: Graffiti Art 2
Intimidation 3 Fashion 2
Traits: Subterfuge 3
Never Back Down 5

The Street Kid offers a fairly well rounded selection of skills for surviving on the streets. While he may not have money they know how to make ends meet and where to find food if they have to. Their difficult upbringing has given them some basic combat skills as well as the more important abilities to help them avoid conflicts all together.

The Psychiatrist


History 6 Strength 3 Dexterity5
Skills: Skills: Skills:
Career: Psychiatrist 5 Lift 2 Dodge 2
Background: Wealthy family 2 (Converted Points for Intelligence) (Converted Points for Intelligence)
Education 2
Lucid 6
Constitution 5 Sense 5
Skills: Skills:
Movement: Fun Runner 4 Perception 5
Traits: (Specialty) Facial Expressions 3
Drug Resistant 4
Fortune 5 Wisdom 5 Intelligence 5
Skills: Historical Study (Choose One) 5 Skills
Intuition 4 Religion 3 Law 2
Traits: Logic & Math 2
Reading 4 Medical 4
Psychology 5
Mental 7 Expression 4
Skills: Skills:
Meditation 3 Debate 2
Traits: Etiquette 3
Never Back Down3 Subterfuge 2

A career, family money and solid education are a strong foundation for not having to worry about many things in life. Sadly, the life of a Lucid is not so clear cut. As one might imagine the Psychiatrist is not the most physical but basic medical training means they know how to lift properly avoid angry patients and keep in shape.

Next time we’ll suit up and look at a template for Police Officers.