Fractured Kingdom at Dragon*Con

Although Fractured Kingdom is not yet in production this year’s Dragon*Con moves us one step closer. Running two games, one official and one down Open Gaming we were able to spend some time with the designers of Untold, the Card Based RPG.

Picking up their Characters the Players easily slipped into their roles. One Player even explaining the mechanics and combat to someone joining us for our adventure’s conclusion. AKA Battling one of the untold horrors from the Realms.

One of the comments we found most interesting is on the Metaphysics of Fractured Kingdom. The Players enjoyed how the Realms felt interconnected and that the game made no judgment on whether they were good or evil, they simply were. Leaving it up to the Players and GM to decide what that means.

Another comment that caught our attention was a need for greater detail in the Mechanics Chapter. Currently we are making a pass to clear up any points that may be unclear and add more examples of play to give the reader a better understanding of the world. Here’s an example:

Backed into an alleyway by Harbinger Supplicants Margaret bides her time knowing her friends are coming. One of the Supplicants rushes at Margaret with an Eastern Bloc Alliance soldier’s mace from the Great War swinging wildly. High on Adrenalcrome he Attacks with a Value of 34. Well over Margaret’s Normal Defense. With Chaz, Laila and Nico only a block away she chooses to take an Active Defense her Characteristics are: Attribute: Dexterity 6, Skill: Dodge 6, Trait: Esp 4, Ability: Foresight 2 for a Base Value of 18 +5D6. Rolling 3, 5, 1, 2, 6 she narrowly avoids the strike. Although fast for her age, a blessing from the Dark Realm, it is her gift of insight that allows her to put this speed to good use.

Hopefully these additions will help illustrate the Mechanics as well as bring the world of Fractured Kingdom to life. Overall this was one of our best years at Dragon*Con and we look forward to many more.