Tiergarten, Germany

Before the Great War this city was one of the most powerful in the world. As a financial stronghold it was targeted early on along with London and Paris. Crippling the seats of economic power in Europe, the Bloc forces marched obtaining early victories in the chaos that followed. As the tide of war shifted a liberated Tiergarten served as a staging ground for Allied and NATO forces. Rekindling the once thriving economy the renewed flow of commerce led to the reemergence of Tiergarten as a major world power.

The modern Tiergarten is a manufacturing and export hub for almost all of Europe. In addition to manufacturing Tiergarten is home to large hydroponic farms and a notorious Red Light District. While the city itself is plagued by gang wars and other street violence this black market world seems to operate just below the surface of the city. The local news reporting only on the largest incidents of violence or danger, keeping most of the local citizenry and tourists safely insulated from the truth.

Divided by the Corporate Wall the eastern half of the city is under the control of Thalberg-Koertig. The Arcology supports all lines of business for the company along with offices for a wide swath of other multinational corporations. Travel to and from the TK Arcology is regulated by a German and TK military cooperative.  Although many of Tiergarten’s citizens hold positions within Thalberg-Koertig only those with executive level status live within the Arcology. This has insulated the eastern half of the city from much of the gang violence and poverty of Tiergarten proper.

Estimated Population: 4.2 million