The Dark Realm

This Realm above all others may truly tainting those entering the Realm it is a place of nightmares unhinging the mind as shadows surge and recede with a pulsing life of their own. Here there be monsters, the vile constructs of demons and nightmares flourish in the gloom. Those who pass into the Dark do not merely look into the darkness they are infused with the powers most horrible. Legends speak of those Tainted by the Dark being reborn becoming beings of living shadow.

Abilities: Releasing the Dark essence reveals the Lucid’s monstrous inner nature granting control over shadows and darkness. Those willing may learn to call on the nightmare things trapped within the Dark. Lucid Abilities Include:

Shadow Born: The Dark Realm naturally cloaks the Lucid hiding them.

Secrets of the Night: The Lucid is privy to knowledge others spend their lives seeking.

Manifestation: Those Tainted by the Realms it is often The Dark Ones who are most skilled at hiding themselves. The Dark Taint almost always manifests as emotional swings, fits of rage and/or silence.

Common Gateways: Caves or Tunnels, Places of Ritual Sacrifice, Self Mutilation