Margaret, Part 6: Life Pools

It’s time to finish out Margaret. Looking over the Body Attributes Margaret highest two are History at 12 and Dexterity 6 (and Constitution 6 but that’s okay).  Doing the same thing with her Mind Attributes she has a Wisdom of 6 and Fortune of 6. Margaret. This gives Margaret the following Pools Heath 42, Ego 38 and Energy 102. However, Margaret also has the Dark Lucid Ability of 6 and Battery Trait of 6, along with her Age Limitation. In order she Subtracts 10 from Heath for her Age, then adds 6 to Ego for Dark Lucid and 6 to Energy for Battery. Her Final Polls are: Health 32 Ego 44 Energy 108. Character complete Chris and Margaret is ready to begin game play.

Note: Margaret’s full background story and Character Sheet can be found in the Song of Silence: An Introductory Adventure at the end of the book.