Margaret, Part 5: Drawbacks

With Margaret’s Characteristics and Boons completed Chris needs to find 3 more points. Looking over the Drawbacks the one that resonates with him most is Limitation. The first thing that comes to mind is her age. However, this could be interpreted in multiple ways. Talking with David he suggests using the alternate use for Limitation having Margaret loose Health instead of having a general penalty for being old. Thinking about this option Chris decides to take this Limitation at Typical writing down Old, Typical and noting that his health Pool will be lowered by 10. Although he could pick up all 3 points he needs with this Limitation Chris doesn’t want her Health to be too low.

For a second Drawback Chris suggests Failing Memory, Minor. This imposes a -5 penalty on Margaret for any roll to remember details or events. David agrees with this Limitation and Chris notes it on Margaret’s Character Sheet.