Margaret, Part 4: Assigning Points

An image of Margaret is starting to come together for Chris. Because she’s an older woman he wants her to be somewhat sagely, having amassed a great deal of real life experience. Part of this is summarized in her Background selections but he wants to expand on this. Going back to his original concept the other Players quickly jumped on the idea of needing to protect her and teach her how to use her abilities. Because of this Chris decides he should probably look for some combat abilities as well but wants them to be mostly from her Realm if not completely driven from Supernatural ability.

Some easy first picks for Chris are ESP, Foresight, Intuition, Domestic, and Art: Needlework. In addition to this Chris knows he wants to increase Margaret’s Lucid Sight. Taking a look at boons he latches on to Blessing Boon picturing Grandmotherly advice. With that in mind Chris also picks up Misfortune and the Reading Trait. The next Boon that jumps out at him is Been There Before this seems like a good way to show experience in a lot of different areas without having to be an expert.

Following that Chris turns his attention to some of the training Margaret may have received. Because it seems like running and hiding is a more than viable option he writes down Dodge and Stealth along with Tolerance, a Dark Trait that he thinks she could have picked up with practice. Chris remembers seeing a Boon called Flesh Wound which although it seemed kind of funny for an old lady he pictured it as being protected by the forces of the Dark and jots that down with the Die Hard Trait, it’s listed requirement.

So far everything was defensive; Chris decides it’s time to add a bit of offence to the mix. One of the Boons that he immediately picks Black Bolt, yeah it hurts to use it but Chris doesn’t think it will be much of a problem. To help counteract the pain of Black Bolt Chris also selects Life Stealer. Filling in the requirements for the Boons Chris also selects a few other Characteristics and Boons to help flesh Margaret out.

Going back to the idea of the other Players training Margaret Chris asks David is he could take a Skill to represent his training with his powers. David advises Chris to take Empowerment and Chris writes this down. Still Chris wants something a little extra and asks about something just for her Black Bolt and Life Stealer. David agrees and he writes down Dark Strike.

Once Chris has an idea of the Characteristics and Boons he wants it’s time to fill in the blanks. Making a second pass Chris fills in the Values of his Characteristics, making sure he meets the requirements for his Boons.

With the numbers in place Chris realizes he’s gone a bit overboard. Scaling back a few of the Characteristics he’s still overspent. Chris also realizes he has no Characteristics or Boons for Strength. Converting these Characteristic Points to Experience helps close the gap but Margaret is still over by a little bit. David tells Chris not to worry about being exact but keep a record of how many points he needs to make up. It’s time to look at Drawbacks.