Lost Boys And Golden Girls 1: Getting Started

The group is ready to begin a new campaign. The GM, David sits down with two Players they begin Character Creation. Both Players are very new to the system having only played in short demo game this is first real look at the setting and how to make Characters. After talking a little bit about the game world ideas begin to formulate around what kind of Characters they may want to play.

First up is Rebekka, after being abducted by a small cult she was to be used as a ritual sacrifice. The young woman reached a Dark Elucidation at the edge of a knife. This knife being poised just above her heart as she lay out on the table.

Gifted by this sudden revelation she manged to escape. Since that time she had tried to erase herself. To hide is one thing, Rebekka no longer wanted to exist according to public records.
Rebekka is attuned to the Dark Realm and has begun to learn how to use her powers.

Due to her fear of capture she has also trained herself physically and mentally. From time to time Rebekka sees shadowy images of people and can tap into the thoughts of others. Since her Elucidation her luck has also seems to have changed. Perhaps her link to the Dark aids her in ways she does not yet fully understand.

Next we have Sera, born in a small town her father was the local doctor. Growing up Sera learned the family trade and seemed to have a natural knack. Given enough time she may have taken over her father’s practice. However, for reasons unknown the place of her childhood was crushed. Razed by a band of mercenaries they slaughtered the residents.

Fleeing into the woods it was at a Crossroads where Sera left the horrors of war and entered the Verdant. She knew in the dense forest she was safe although none of it looked familiar to her. Running through the night Sera does not remember falling asleep but when she awoke she was miles from her town and away from the destruction.

Sera’s connection to the Verdant has only improved her ability to heal, both herself and others. She’s wandered on her own for a while now and in this time she’s had to learn to be more self reliant. She feels a deep connection with the Earth preforming tricks like dowsing with ease. This time in has also given her time for introspection and forced her to learn how to defend herself.

Looking at the Characters David makes a few notes. Sera has an enemy listed as the group her destroyed her home town. Rebekka has an enemy of the cult member who was going to sacrifice her, which she points out is now a Grave Lucid after the experience. Both have no interest in being found or even being very public.

This means it’s unlikely they would want to live inside a major city. One thing that hasn’t been discussed is how they met. So he asks them.

Sera was running down the street and Rebekka sensed her nature as a Lucid and tried to help. Their first encounter went poorly but Rebekka was able to track Sera with her Locate Others Boon. Once the woman understood Rebekka meant Sera no harm they became fast friends. Both of them wanting to hide and both of them having a need to help others, if only in different ways. Thinking about this David puts together the following.

Outside of Tiergarten along road B96 towards the Wastes is one of the largest tent cities of Germany. Comprised almost entirely of Scavengers and people looking to live outside the system. Most travelers never see it. Here the economy is almost entirely a matter of barter. While some archeologists from the city bring in the occasional Euro most of them have learned it’s better to bring fuel, water and food for trade.
A mass of burnt out cars correlated metal and makeshift structures, by no means is it pretty but if you know where to look there’s worse inside Tiergarten. That’s the trick of it though, aside from those who deal with the Scavs no one bothers looking. The police may come through there from time to time. If they can avoid it they don’t get out of their cars. Which means they don’t really come there.

This is where Sera and Rebekka met. Playing into their desires not to be found the Players agree this sounds like a good place to stat. The next questions that come up are how long thy have been there and what they have done to get by.

The pair have been together for roughly nine months. Rebekka tries to help others, rarely does she ask for compensation but she’s been given gifts of thanks for her work. Her work ranging from helping put up a shack to taking care of the drunk who likes to get a little punchy with his wife. Sera uses the skills she’s picked up a doctor to help out around the community. The Wastes are a dangerous place and the Scav Town is not much better. David tells her she’s gotten a bit of a reputation for being able to help when others can’t.

Lastly before hey begin David adds a few notes around where they are living. The Characters share a gutted van. There is a fan and heating element powered by a small solar panel. There are several other families around in their camp, around the communal fire pit. Also they have some livestock that’s been given to them, gifts for services rendered. Although, it’s by far not the life of luxury their altruistic natures have helped them get by in the community.

With their backgrounds in order the party was ready to start.