Harbingers, Barony

Trading their humanity for power the Harbingers manipulate the Unbound Realm luring it into the eternal night of the Dark. Corrupting the faithful, breaking down communications the Harbingers are masters of fear.

Of the Baronies the least is known of the intentions of the Harbingers. Their sole purpose seems to be breading terror and mistrust. The fact that the Harbingers seem to always know whenever a new Dark Lucid is born only adds to this theory. Planting agents inside media corporations they are able to rewrite, suppress or promote information with little more than a thought.

Taking a heightened interest in the Church of Unua it is more than likely the Harbingers are the source of many of this new Barony’s troubles. Flooding the market with books and data feeds offering counterpoints to the Unuan dogma. Leading press stories that promote the dangers of the cult, in the world of instant information they can make anything disappear.

The stories of Harbingers infiltrating political structures seem more like paranoid conspiracy theories. Fear does not have to come from war though. The growing divide between rich and poor, the lack of education for those without means, the continuing creep of urban blight and lack of security, all these things and more have been attributed to the hand of the Harbingers. What is real, and what is rumor though remains unclear.

If information about the intentions of the Harbingers is scarce, information about the hierarchy and places of power are all but non-excitant. The Harbingers avoid direct conflict with other Baronies and so battles over territory have been almost entirely defensive. When cornered though the Harbingers are known for far worse than the typical casualty. Victims of the Harbingers are left with their minds shattered, locked in perpetual nightmares or worse. Still the question remains, why? With no apparent agenda what drives these monsters? How do they operate? Rumors circulated around the Harbingers. Whispers on the wind say they have forged pacts with the Demon Kings of the Dark Realm. Bending shadows to their will, pity those who get to close to the answers.

Common Realms of Members: Dark